The Google Meme

I was tagged by Bill Lollar to do this meme. So I took a few minutes to check it out.

Google your full first name and the word “needs” like this – “William needs” – and then post the first 10 things that Google finds.

First using my real name, which a good many of you know, the results were….

1. **** needs mental help.

Not happy with that, I tried using Grace instead, the results were….

1. Grace needs constant care.

Upon learning of these serious needs, I found myself incapable of completing the meme according to the rules. ;)

If you want to join in the fun, post your results in the comments or post a link to your blog, and include a link to Bill. Be sure to visit his blog to see how it’s supposed to be done.


10 thoughts on “The Google Meme

  1. These seem best without the context. My first name is reasonably popular as a surname. I’m amazed how many of these seem to involve body parts, especially ones that don’t normally belong in polite conversation.


    Cameron needs facial surgery after collision

    Cameron needs help with middle name!

    Cameron needs to avoid being a one-idea pony

    David Cameron needs to get off his arse

    David Cameron needs to bring some sunshine back

    David Cameron needs a Willie with bottom

    Kirk Cameron Needs to Repent!

    Mr Cameron needs a narrative of his own

    David Cameron needs to take responsibility for his …

    Cameron Needs An Ass | Lossip

  2. Israel needs a bailout…
    Nice, I’l take that… :D

    Israel Needs A Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against Iran
    Hmm… You can keep that one…

  3. Apparently I need a wash, a date, to be more tolerant, and a room mate. At least I’m not psycho though I do have some social issues.

  4. Hmm, does repetition of a theme mean anything? (I discovered I share the name of the character in a soap opera)

    1. **** Needs Some Jesus. ****realizes she should have given her children. some religion a long time ago

    2. **** needs to come back

    3. **** Needs Some Jesus. **** realizes she should have given her children some … Naturally, ****’s needs came last. And it was beginning to show. …

    4. **** Needs Mover to help her move her belongings

    5. **** needs levity in her life.

    6. :D Princess **** needs a girl to help her get dressed. She would like to hire a stylish young girl with impeccable fashion tastes to be her help and her …

    7. **** NEEDS 2 GET FACE BOOK! **** Needs To Not Move · **** needs your number.

    8. **** needs breakfast! Going to make eggs, sausage, and potatoes …

  5. Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.

    Jerry needs a haircut (which is very true)

    Jerry needs an instruction manual (pretty much describes my whole life)

    Jerry needs a home urgently (guess I should feel honored that so many name dogs and cats ‘Jerry’)

    Jerry needs to sharpen his resume (hope this is not prophetic)

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