Sunday Driver

On the other hand, and even while being a Crazy Driver, the Holy Spirit seems pretty oblivious to my impatience about “getting somewhere.”

So often I’m like, “Come on! Are we moving?
Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Do you know that feeling too?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Driver

  1. I feel like I’m in reverse and going backwards in my faith walk – maybe when I thought I was going forward God saw that I was really going backwards and has intervened to turn me around.Going backwards may be the new forwards in the spiritual life!

  2. I think of the ministry of Jesus. Sometimes he wandered places and generally kept to his own pace, often infuriating people.

    Like with Lazarus. Jesus, Lazarus is sick. Yeah, I’ll go over and see what I can do. Jesus, Lazarus is really doing poorly. Yeah, okay, I’m on my way. Oh, don’t worry about it Jesus, you’re too late, he’s dead. I’m still working my way over there. No, he’s dead, that’s it, it’s too late, there’s other stuff that can be done. Lazarus, come out of that tomb. Hey Jesus. Hey Lazarus.

    Or the whole cross thing. Three days after he was absolutely killed and his whole ministry trashed, well beyond the absolute last minute to respond and set things right, he rose again.

    Or with Abraham and having an heir.

    God just walks to the beat of his own drummer.

    Something I’m continuing to have to learn, remember, and be reminded of. God likes to work well after we think it’s the last moment, the last straw, or the final chance.

    So, yeah, I’ve felt like this too.

  3. Been there, done that. God once told me that I was going to journey on the back roads of life, and that means going slow, and stopping from time to time. There are times though, when I want him to hurry up. He never does. :)

  4. Yes. Absolutely yes. And I really identified with Patrick’s comment too. I have felt as though I’m just walking in circles. Except recently, I’ve taken a short break from my circle-walking to process some really hard stuff. :) So maybe that’s a positive (though painful) turn of events. I know you know that feeling too! :) Anyway, thanks for keepin’ it real.

  5. Did you notice the parallel between these two posts?

    “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

    I’m learning to trust because, to be honest, I don’t have a better plan anymore.

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