Surprises and Buzz

There is plenty of behind-the-scenes buzz as we get ready to launch the Missional Tribe site tomorrow. The emerging/missional posters will be included on the resource page of the site. But, surprise, they are new, expanded, and updated.

The former 20 posters are now 40 posters. They will premiere at the Missional Tribe site. I have some favorites among the new additions. Be sure to check them out when you visit the site tomorrow. I will post them here on this blog later in the week.

On another note, I was especially blessed that Bill Kinnon included me in his list of favourite blogs and said ridiculously nice things, like “taken the blog world by storm” (you’re kidding, right?). Anyway, I particularly enjoyed this phrase, “effectively and lovingly skewered some little-boys-with-a-big-box-of-matches.”

As a small token of appreciation, while I was making posters, I made a few just-for-fun posters especially for Bill. Hope you like ’em Bill. ;)

(Click to enlarge.)

11 thoughts on “Surprises and Buzz

  1. …and I just got back from looking at the whole lot over at MT. I must say that somewhere around poster #25 my whole being was overwhelmed and I could no longer see clearly and began to sob. Those posters are beautiful and really get at what we’re trying to foster. Thank you so much!

  2. You made my evening. I’m fighting with the dang MacPro, I’ve just rebuilt, trying to get the edit for tomorrow’s launch done. (Hey, where’s my procrastination poster.)

    Penguins truly are so sensitive. Well. At least according to Lyle Lovett.

  3. Akkk. I was so excited about the Penguins that I completely missed the carrots that so messed me up before. Yikes!

    And, of course, I love the women with matches though I do think they are much more responsible pyromaniacs than men can ever hope to be.

  4. These Posters like the ones you did earlier are AMAZING!!!!

    Yeah – and God said – “Let My Women, FREE!!!” – and they are lighting fires that will not be put out!!! My wife no longer “The Pastors” wife is doing wonderful things here at “The Bridge”. Took a little adjusting on my part – this is true …

  5. cindy,
    I probably should have HT’ed the carrot picture, but honestly I don’t know what proper blog etiquette is for ugly carrots. :)

    peggy, brad, and kathy,
    I’m glad that the posters make an impact. I hope that they will bless, encourage, and maybe give a sense of definition to some of the terminology.

    Glad you enjoyed them. :)

    I hope you will stop by the MT site tomorrow, not only to see the posters, but to share your stories and insight. I look forward to having your voice as part of the conversation there.

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