OMG, A Brewing Crisis!

Economists missed the brewing crisis. Now many are asking: How can we do better?

Maybe it’s because I was skimming blog posts at midnight, or maybe it’s because it was posted by a Canadian, but it took me several minutes to wrap my head around the fact that this link, shared by Jordon Cooper, does not have anything to do with beer.

Relax everyone, there is not a brewing crisis.  It’s all good. :)

(well except for the tanking economy that is)


8 thoughts on “OMG, A Brewing Crisis!

  1. Oh no, not everyone economist missed it. I have known about the coming depression for 2 years thanks to Peter Schiff. While today many are getting fearful, the Lord has by His grace, allowed me to be one that can bring calm and peace and sensibility to the situation.

    We are going to go through a depression much worse than the Great Depression, but it’s during this time to Bride will shine. Oh of that I am sure!

    Here’s a good page of videos for people to come up to speed.

  2. Yep!!!
    And the poor and starving are beginning to take on the ripples the impact is comming their way!!! They reckon 100 million people have been pushed into life threatening malnutrition because of rising food prices and shortages. No longer should we call it the Developing World how can it develope ? – it is destitute.

    Milton Friedman and his cronies have a lot to answer for –

  3. For a minute there I worried you were talking about coffee … now that would be a real crisis!

    I found this comment to be interesting …

    “Today dozens of top-notch economists are working who also happen to be women, and many of them have been arguing–for decades now–for a more human-oriented economics and one less enamored of pseudo-scientific econometrics. While author Bennett does give a brief nod to some new ways of looking at economics, it’s just a nod. It’s quite telling, for instance, that he quotes not a single female economist, among his dozen or so sources. Imagine that happening in any other field dealing with human interactions and living. “

    Yet again … when we don’t have both sets of voices being heard we end up in a very bad place wondering how that happened. How many thousands of times are we going to have hit our heads against this wall before we either stop hurting ourselves or acknowledge the insanity?

  4. A podcast put out by the Economist reported that German bankers warned American lawmakers and industry leaders a few years back that a global crisis was inevitable if they continued to pursue their subprime game. I don’t remember the details of the report.

    Although he’s not an economist (but rather, a psychologist, and a missional Christian), I received this in an email from a friend:

    I was reminded of this email I sent out over one year ago. It was a warning essentially that the time of easy credit, of unpaid debts, was over. Although it has shown to be true financially (i.e. with sub-prime mortgages, speculative financial markets, questionable banking, oil, auto industry, etc.), it is also true politically (the defeat of political parties, the removal of leaders), religiously (the end of “playing church”)…

    The Lord awakened me this morning and said, “I am calling in my chits.”

    I didn’t quite understand. In looking this up on the internet dictionary, it says a chit is “A statement of an amount owed for food and drink, a check.” I think it also applies to gambling debts. In other words, whatever we have been eating and drinking and doing, if we have been gambling in life, playing games with God, the “check” or “bill” is being brought to the table and the amount is “due and payable in full.” Now.

    The time of indulging, of gambling with a holy God, of using theological disputation as rationalizations, of “playing church,” of assuming God might “wink” at sin, of compromising with His righteousness, of oppressing the poor, of pursuing selfish gain and material security and hedonistic ease, of playing political games with peoples’ lives, are coming to an end.

    This statement is individual. It is in families. It is in cities and nations and it is a global statement. Payment will be due. To use local, Singaporean “Singlish”: “No more play, play around!”

    A sobering word.

  5. For clarity’s sake, the part that starts “The Lord awakened me this morning” is the beginning of the email he sent out to us and some of his other friends a little over a year ago.

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