Just Wondering

Do you know why there was a picture of Jack Nicholson in my previous post?

A few random thoughts…

I am always glad when Christmas is over.

I have not decorated, baked, or shopped yet.

I plan on sending out a christmas letter for the first time in several years.

Both boys are squinting in the family picture, but the rest of us look pretty good.  Oh well.

My daughter is the sugarplum fairy in the Nutcracker ballet this weekend.

I am nervous and excited for her.  I might post pictures or video.

I’m ordering Sarah Palin glasses with progressive lenses. It was only a matter of time. :(

I might updo my hair and run for president.  You betcha.

My mind is all over the place and not necessarily on blogging.

But you’re all too busy to read much anyway, right?


16 thoughts on “Just Wondering

  1. I like those Sarah Palin glasses with progressive lens. Please post a picture showing us what those look like. It is hard for me to imagine and I have a pretty good imagination. :-)

  2. Sarah Palin, eh? Can we all come hunting with you? Don’t forget the clothes you wear are not yours!!! they are on loan.

    BTW – I’m about as far into Christmas as you …. but then I only buy for the wife she does everything else, ain’t that the way it is supposed to be? – well, maybe just in Australia. I can’t understand it at all, my wife at this time of year is like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs – relax I say.

  3. My wife Carol and I are gluttons for Christmas stress – her birthday 20th December,Christmas 25th and our weddng anniversary 27th December.No wonder we are ‘knackered’ ( an Irish term for exhaustion) in January when we try and sneak off to Teneriffe in the Canaries Islands for ome sunshine.

  4. Tracy and Rick,
    Yay! You got it. I’m never sure when I’m being too obscure.
    Glad to make you laugh. :)

    maria and cindy,
    Maybe we should start the “Scrooge Mafia.”

    I’m not sure what posting a picture will do for my anonymity. ;)

    Actually, I was between two pair, and the Palin glasses lost the election. The pair I chose are less conservative.

    What do you suppose happens to Christmas when the wife quits the routine? We may find out this year.

    Oh my, I understand the January celebration. There really isn’t time around Christmas to relax and enjoy an anniversary or birthday. Our anniversary is on the 19th and it often gets lost in the shuffle. (27 years next week)

  5. hahaha … I totally got the JN illustration and thought it was hilarious. I’m always thinking that one in my head whenever someone starts slinging the “Truth” around.

    I’m absolutely astonished at how much of my shopping is complete. This is a new lifetime record for me. I don’t honestly know how it happened either so I’m sure it won’t be repeated. Darn.

    I’ve had progressives for about 5 or 6 years now. They’re wonderful … but very weird at first. They take some getting used to. Rob has some good advice …

  6. Grace, what is the point of anonymity? It is time to come out of the closet. :-) After all it appears that you may actually be a liberal from your comment about being less conservative.

  7. robby,
    Thanks, I’ll be careful. Since I could hardly see lately, anything should be an improvement.

    Almost done in spite of the chickens? I don’t know what my excuse is.

    If I told you, I’d have to…oh never mind. :)

  8. Charlie, I may have you beat with jam packed holiday/birthday celebrations. My dad’s birthday is the 11th, my wife’s is the 17th, mine and my sister-in-law’s is the 20th, the baby Jesus’ on the 25th, then my brother-in-law on the 29th, and finally our newest addition (baby Santiago–my first child!!) on the 6th. So, as you see, I’ve got a comfortable lead. :)

  9. hehehe … I didn’t say I was almost done. I said I was astonished at how much is complete. Those are actually two different things in my sorry little world. I still have a lot to do, but I have much more done than I usually do by this time. So … it’s good. ;-)

  10. Hey…joining me in the progressives club huh….just be careful at first…going up and especially down… stairs LOL (no i dont know from experience but thats what “they” say)

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