Sharing Good News

Sarah preaches a little here

This is the business God is in – creating justice, making peace, bringing reconciliation, restoring broken or sick things. And He’s presently in that business, here on earth now. In the mess that is real life. There is tension between the kingdom here (within a fallen, imperfect world) and the kingdom to come (where creation is healed, and everything will be settled once and for all). But I will continue to agree with God’s desire to release His kingdom into this one. I keep coming back to this prayer…

“Your kingdom come, in this situation, here on earth as it is in heaven. Redeem, reconcile, restore this situation. Because that’s what You do.”

I love Sarah’s ability to see and articulate the gospel of the kingdom.

Shaun preaches a little here

He also shares a free download of his newest song, Kingdom Coming.

Thanks Shaun for using your life to share the good news of the kingdom!


3 thoughts on “Sharing Good News

  1. good stuff. We need more kingdom theology in music and the arts (ex: your last post on the movie download) displayed in creative ways. Not for the sake of creativity, but simply because the Jesus message can be revealed in many facets.

  2. cindy,
    Glad you enjoyed it. I can play it but I’m having trouble saving it onto my computer.

    So true, and I have a feeling that kingdom theology is perhaps the message and language that can navigate the polemic tension between liberal/conservative and emerging/evangelical christians that I allude to in the next post.

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