Another Night in the ER

Last night, shortly before turning in, I got the dreaded accident phone call. By the way, I am an under-reactor (married to an over-reactor). From what I could gather, my son was being checked over as a precaution because he hit his head in the accident. So somewhat calmly, except for the involuntary tremors in my legs which betrayed my calm facade, I went to be with him.

When I arrived at the scene of the accident, I was relieved to see that he seemed okay. Given the degree of damage to the vehicle, we are extremely grateful that his injuries were minor.

Once the question of serious injury has been ruled out, sitting with a concussion patient is somewhat amusing, kind of like being in a repetitive Laurel and Hardy “Who’s On First?” routine. It’s probably not nice to make fun of the injured, but hard not to after a couple of hours of nonsensical conversation…

“What happened?”

“How’s Ty?”

“Who was driving?”

“How’s Ty?”

“What happened?”

Checking the shirt under his hospital gown, “Were we going clubbing?”

“I don’t know, is that your club shirt?”

“When do I get my pants back?”

“Tube socks are kind of embarrassing.”

“So is my knee broken?”

“This is going to sound strange, but I had a dream that this happened.”

“How’s Ty?”

“What happened?”

“Was it my fault?”

“This is going to sound strange…”

“Let me guess, you had a dream that this happened.”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“”Were we going clubbing?”

“When do I get my pants back?”

“I can’t believe I’m wearing tube socks.”

“Where’s my car?”

“What happened?”

“What’s wrong with my knee?”

“How’s Ty?”

“Can I have my pants back?”

What I learned after 3 hours of this…

My son has a favorite shirt.
Even though he thinks it’s September, he knows his SS#.
Tube socks are embarrassing.

Thank you to those of you who prayed. He seems to be fine today. We continue to pray for a quick and uncomplicated recovery for him.


8 thoughts on “Another Night in the ER

  1. I am glad he will be OK. Youngsters are resilient and bounce. God made them that way on purpose.

    True story – in my dissolute teen years in Boulder I was riding in the front passenger seat of my friend’s parent’s station wagon as we rode around getting “disequilibreated” (ethanol was not involved – this was Boulder, it was the 70s). At some point we decided it’d be cool to drive through the cemetery (I can’t remember why) and he slung that station wagon around a gravel corner too fast and we ran right into a tree and…I went right through the window (no seat belts of course) and then popped right back into my seat. I was so out of it I didn’t even know that happened and was more worried about my friend, who was all tangled in the steering wheel. “Man, are you OK!” “Yeah…Man, are YOU OK?” I look at the busted out windshield and exclaim, “Did I do that?”

    The next day a bit of hair came out while I was washing it in the shower. That was it.

    I typed all that just to say, “Teens bounce. Good thing, too.” Hope all remains well!

  2. Grace
    In my experience darkness always tries to hit our kids ( even our adult ones) when we stick our neck on the line and talk about what this faith walk thing is really all about – love!May Abba’s love surround you all especially your son and His plans for you prosper.Don’t underestimate what your posts are doing for many people!Keep at it!Let’s cover each others backs and share each others pains.

    Your Ulster brother


  3. Sorry to hear about this, but glad it appears things are going to be okay. We started getting our daughter cars that were pre-dented.

    You are all in my prayers.

  4. wilsonian,
    Thankfully the situation was not so serious that we can laugh and tease about the funny moments.

    I’m not sure if that is resilience or a miracle. Some of us are lucky to have survived the 70’s.

    cindy, barb, and charlie,
    Thanks for your prayers and concern. It means a lot to know that people truly care.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are an “expert” on concussions! I didn’t have access to the treatment you recommended until Monday, at which point they said he was fine.

    By the time I graduated highschool, I had dented every side of my car. Of course none of the accidents were my fault. ;)

    The concussion seems to have resolved. He has no memory of the night of the accident. The following morning he was able to think clearly again.

    We still have to see an orthopedist about his knee, but the kneecap is fractured and will likely require 6 weeks of immobilization and crutches.

    He isn’t in very much pain, and the injury is mostly a nuisance. At 6 foot 2, he can’t sit in the front seat of a car with his leg fully extended. Changing clothes is a challenge, but of course he doesn’t want help with that.

    He is able to continue with his college classes, but will have to miss working at his part-time job for the full 6 weeks. My new job is to drive him around for the next 6 weeks. He loves that. (not!)

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