Election Day

Pick One


17 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Be grateful guys
    The ones we have in Northern Ireland are mirror images of each other and tend towards a form of Fascism – the Cabinet of ministers have not met in 4 months due to a stand off.Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns – and yes half of them are born again brethren!!!

    Can you send Obama over here?


  2. that’s great grace, sorry i missed it yesterday. i felt the same way. i actually changed my mind a couple of times with pen in hand! I’m with you, though, now we can get on with praying for the one who has to do a lot of learning, growing, and humility formation in quick time. (which would have been the same either way.)

  3. I’ve just been on Pat Robertson’s http://www.cbn.com
    reading an article suggesting prayer for Barak Obama. I posted a few comments but was really terrified by the reaction of some ‘believers’.I think we are not just talking different doctrine here but a form of fascism.Have mercy on us all!

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