I’m A Follower…

and I’m being followed.

I guess that’s how it works.

I can’t believe I caved to the twitter pressure.

Yesterday it was Rick, today Brother Maynard.

So I said, “what the hay,” or something like that, and signed up.

It remains to be seen if it will be something I figure out and use.

I am really disappointed that I cannot get a badge widget on WordPress.  However, for now, my RSS feed is at the bottom of my sidebar.

So go ahead, follow me.


7 thoughts on “I’m A Follower…

  1. I sent you a “reply” in Twitter this morning.

    Keep in mind that using Twitter doesn’t make one a twit ;-)

    If you could email me and let me know how, exactly, to put that neat little Twitter feed on my WordPress blog, I’d be endebted to you more than I already am!


  2. grace, good to connect yesterday … i cannot hold out forever, but i have not yet succumbed to twitdom. but looks like i must to become twitted in time.

    frank, i tried to figure out the WordPress instructions and they don’t look too hard. however, being a geek but not a techy-geek, when The Inevitable arrives, i shall plead with a techy-geek to save me from hours of despair by invest 30 seconds to zip-zam-zowwee-and swoosh it all into place as only techy-geeks can. you got one, too, dontchya?

  3. I didn’t have any pressure at all, but I ended up there anyway. I personally know exactly one person who has tried the twitter crack.

    The trick is finding people, projects or robots (NASA’s got some great twitterers that literally exist on other planets!) that you actually want to follow.

    You seem to qualify, so consider yourself followed!

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