More on Communities of Transformation

I’ll be away for a few days. My parents are coming for a visit. They leave before Sunday. I haven’t told them yet that we don’t attend church. ;)

These quotes by Jean Vanier from The Broken:

The sense of belonging flows from trust: trust is the gradual acceptance of others as they are with their gifts and their limits, each one with the call of Jesus. And this leads to the realization that the body of community is not perfectly whole and cannot be, that this is our human condition. And it is all right for us to be less than perfect.

Helping each other,
growing in trust,
living in thanksgiving,
learning to forgive,
opening up to others,
welcoming them,
and striving to bring peace and hope to our world.

So it is that we come to put down roots in community – not because it is perfect and wonderful, but because we believe that Jesus called us together. It is where we belong and are called to grow and to serve.

(taken from The Becoming of G-d by Ian Mobsby)


4 thoughts on “More on Communities of Transformation

  1. Grace

    Thanks for posting Vanier’s definition of community.He has placed brokenness right where it belongs – in the centre of community – just like Revelation’s picture of the freshly slain Lamb at the centre of heavenly worship.The $64.000 question is however how does Jesus call us to be together and in what relational form?

    Interesting to know others thoughts.

    By the way as a non church attender I can sympatise regarding your parent’s visit.My wife dad was a clergyman and things took a while to restore mutual respect when we stopped doing the Sunday Service thing.


  2. Reminds me much of Jim Wallis in “Call to Conversion” ..

    Community is a place to grow in truth, wholeness and holiness. The only way to propagate a message is to live it. That is why there can be no conversion without community. Community makes conversion historically visible. 116

    The ability of people to move to a new place tomorrow depends on the love and acceptance they feel today . . The only thing greater than our awareness of each other’s sins is the awareness of God’s love for us and God’s desire to see us healed and made whole. The principal lesson of community is. . that God breaks in at the weak places.

  3. Thanks, Grace…perfect thoughts for living out hesed via the Jesus Creed: loving God; loving others, according to the New Covenant.

    Maybe it won’t come up, I mean with your parents. 8)

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