A Perplexing Question

Probably the result of finishing re-reading Post-Charismatic? before I turned out the lights for the night, I had a night of vivid post-charismatic dreams.

I will spare you the disjointed details.

One scenario involved me smirking at the apostle from our CLB, who was wearing an argyle sweater vest.  He was extremely frustrated by the fact that I was not convinced of his importance.

The other scene was a charismatic service where an outbreak of manifestations occurred. At the microphone, there was a middle-aged woman with bleached blond hair, dressed in an ugly lime-green, krinkled-cotton, 3-piece outfit intended to mask a few extra pounds.

Shortly after that, I woke up with one question at the forefront of my mind…

“Who dresses these people in my dreams?”


17 thoughts on “A Perplexing Question

  1. Smile….

    My “apostle person” always dressed sharply. He especially had a leather coat that made him look more imposing. Each time I dream of him he has this leather jacket on. Speaks to me of cold, unyielding, intimidating.

    I love that your dreams are changing to where they are confused as to why you are not intimidated any longer (and wearing clothing from years past) and where you just see the leaders of the manifestations as being slightly ridiculous looking – and trying to hide the obvious..

  2. Wow Barb! That was profound. I honestly had not made those connections. I was more concerned about the fact these bad fashion choices came from my subconcious mind.

  3. Grace ,

    I was more concerned about the fact these bad fashion choices came from my subconcious mind.

    It’s not fashion. You were probably discerning something spiritual. :)

  4. I think what they were in your dreams has more to do with what you see about them than anything. Hmm… sweater vest is not very intimidating… Ugly lime green krinkly, hiding something. Yeah, sounds about right.

  5. and may i just share how during my days in recovery movement work, friends of mine and i would make up fake support groups to laugh at our foibles so we didn’t cry all the time. so, my favorite that i came up with had the slogan:

    “Fashion Victims Anonymous … Our baggage is not by Gucci.”

    a question and a comment: (Q) why no paisley or tie-die yet, or is that perhaps next time? (C) grace, i certainly hope you don’t wake up with another episode like this, only to find you’ve got pillowcase leftovershreds hanging by a thread from your teeth …

    change of subject, somewhat: this week, i woke up from a dream (which i usually don’t remember, but i did recall a bit this time) and the last thing from the dream was that one of the CLB leaders came to me and said, “The elders have decided you are too honest for them.” no funky fashion, though, but maybe next time.

  6. p.s. in regards to the photo, while i have heard of fashion shows covering the spectrum, not til now had i been shown the spectrum covering the fashion.

    thank you. having blogged about authoritarianism today, i truly did need a laugh to get some endorphines goin’ …

  7. p.p.s. this morning as i looked at the photo again, i wondered if i was having some weird muzak retro-dream and this was a visual representation of The Captain and Chenille.


    truly frightening.

  8. RE: the pic. Why, just add a prayer shawl & a banner & a glory hoop & you’ve got one helluva prophetic get up there!

    No doubt it represents the rainbow spectrum of God’s glory being displayed in garrish fashion by those that do want to be recognized for their outlandish spiritual expressions out on this year’s cat walk…

    Instead of the emperor’s new clothes, you have the prophet’s new mantle!

    Stylin’ to be sure… :)

    I am not sure what part of the unconscious is responsible for the wardrobe malfunction, but I’m with Robby on this one…it is spiritual discernment with or without an interpretation…

  9. robby,
    Yeah, maybe the whole experience was like an era of bad fashion.

    I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

    To be honest, it’s the first time I wondered this.
    Maybe I don’t want the answer. :)

    It seems my subconcious is somewhat jaded, in a lime-green tint.

    Love the slogan. Yes, too honest can be a problem in church.

    There is no paisley in my subconcious. Some bloggers we know are fond of tie-dye, so I wouldn’t want to make them feel awkward. ;)

    Captain and Chenille? Ha. Kind of reminds me of a 60’s rainbow Big Bird.

    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Some of you might be interested in a summary report just posted about the blogging meme on L.L’s blog. Just click on her name to find her blog.

    Now theres’s an idea.

    LOL! My favorite answer!
    You guys are responsible for bad fashion?

    I really am laughing out loud. :)

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