8 thoughts on “Hype

  1. Egocentrism …. I’m with Sarah – NAILED IT!!!

    “The Herd” – so sad to see many of my friends grazing in the same paddock as the herd ….wake up my dear friends!!! – the world has way more than – just the one paddock.

    But they continue to chew what they are given and spew what they are told … chew and spew.

  2. And may Doctor Brad suggest there is a hype-related maladaption that attacks leaders primarily, turning them into scampires. Sadly, the existence of this deep and devastating dysfunction calls us to consider a new category of theologism: “Hypotheosis Sindrome.” Very deadly – deadly indeed. Those infected attack another Body’s immune system and suck all positive elements out of it. This leads to inability to discern diseases or respond to them, and the continued depletion ultimately causes implosion (not a pretty sight, not at all). The official initial description proposed for this dysfunction is as follows:

    **ME-telling that MEnipulates herd themtality that desperately needs a MEnarrative to indulge its most MEgocentrism.**

    Treatment: Indication of healing on the part of those attacked by Hypotheosizers is when they feel compelled to follow Jesus, and not to follow compulsive leaders. The process to recognize the parasite(s) does take time, and extensive therapeutic work is required to overcome the Post-Sindromatic Stress Disorder. However, when such a course of action is pursued, prognosis is positive and renewed Body-life typically returns eventually.

  3. I wish I could remember where I saw this so that I could attribute the source.

    My initial thought was about charismatic hype. Yet as Fred said, when the gospel becomes solely a “bless me” message, it would also fit that definition. And of course as Sonja suggested, it is certainly applicable to politics and the economy. Brad, we are pretty willing to follow leaders who tell us what we want to hear and how great we are. It’s an easy message to sell.

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