I Don’t Make This Stuff Up

I am trying to decide if I want to go to a “revival meeting” in a yurt this afternoon.


13 thoughts on “I Don’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. actually, i know what a yurt is but sorry, the first thing that came to mind is: theatre in the round.

    instead of go-gurt, perhaps this time it’s no-yurt.

    then again, if they double the space, would it be too tense for a revival?

    too bad (or maybe a really good thing) that they don’t pay for sit-down comics …

  2. LOL Jeff, or The Great Yurt Outpouring.

    Amy, The Yurt Revival hasn’t exactly made the headlines yet.

    Too tense? Groan. ;)

    I googled yurt for you.

    The yurt was surprisingly spacious on the inside. Since this particular “revival” was word of faith style, there were no bodies strewn on the floor, unlike the meetings in August which I didn’t write about.

    I believe the consensus was that we could make this thing happen if we try hard enough. Amen brother?

    Don’t be silly. There weren’t sinners there.

    Do I hang out with bloggers because I can’t fit in, or can I not fit in because I hang out with bloggers? Either way, you guys make me feel a little less crazy.

  3. odd that mark r. only saw the sinners seats as all that was left, and missed the mourner’s bench for the right/righteous-but-feeling-unrighteous.

    but then, at first glance, it looked to me more like a tiny Lego guy underneath the mourner’s bench, tucked into near-nothingness, in great agony i presumed, with legs sticking over the edge so there would be less pain but of course if you are feeling so wormlike as to need to be UNDER the bench in the first place, well …

    and then i realized it was just two side-by-side water thingees with spiglets outward.

    it’s all about perception.

    p.s. grace, i do almost apologize for the groaner joke about two tents. in my attempts to rival bro. maynard’s weekly laughlines, i have failed. miserably! and shall hereforth and forthwith go forth with less bad mirthosity. huh. would a transnational doctrine of humor be considered world mirthology?

    oops. did it again. methink me needs a revival …

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