Whatchya Looking For?

It is always interesting to see how people end up here at my blog.
Sometimes the things they search for surprise and amuse me.
Like this one.

Search Views
brother maynard bullshit 3 More stats
kingdom grace 3 More stats
prophecy 2008 2 More stats
hell in a handbasket 2 More stats
what is ministry 1 More stats
prophetic words 1 More stats
postman pat and his charismatic cat 1 More stats
call to worship, based on david and goli 1 More stats
kingdom of grace 1 More stats
grace within the church 1 More stats

For the person searching, you can find Brother Maynard here.
However, I am sure there is no BS on his blog. ;)


7 thoughts on “Whatchya Looking For?

  1. LOL! I’d be more concerned about Postman Pat than Brother Maynard! Did you ever have the British kids show Postman Pat air in the US? If not then you probably have no idea what I’m on about!

  2. pat,
    And if I remember right, you’re not a postman.

    I did too. Sadly that clip is no longer available.

    I discovered that while searching for a new link to the charismatic cat video. Seems some of the other clips are more mature.

    I’m glad you found me “down under.”

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