A Charismatic Quiz

(image by Robbymac)

1. The problems at Lakeland were…
a. an attack of the devil.
b. caused by the critics.
c. caused by Todd’s separation.
d. bigger than anyone is saying.
e. What problems?

2. Others involved can continue this revival if you will…
a. support their ministry.
b. go to their next conference.
c. watch GodTV.
d. go to Lakeland.
e. ignore the issues.

3.  In the meantime, Todd is…
a. relocating to Florida.
b. running from the law.
c. relaxing in California with friends.
d. in a good frame of reference.
e. repenting and reconciling with his family.

So what have we learned?

10 thoughts on “A Charismatic Quiz

  1. errr … I’m sorry but I don’t see the correct answer to any of the questions. I’m confused.

    I hate multiple choice tests. That’s why I homeschool.

  2. “So what have we learned? Not a lot. Lets do it all over again in another state. We’ll (Canada) send you another anointed one. We haven’t got much for gold medals but we know how to mess with your mind. Maybe Bill has some suggestions.

  3. For a more refreshing look read what Dutch Sheets has to say. I think he could have gone father in calling out Peter Wagner but they do work together. He at least begins the process within the camp. I wonder how they will take it. Funny but he mentiones how dangerous it is for him to come out with this. I wish he would get a clue that it should not be dangerous at all. You can read it here: http://www.dutchsheets.org/index.cfm

  4. Barb & those that read Dutch Sheets ‘letter’:

    Does his approach with the ‘confession/repentence’ actually do something positive? Do you think it will spark a change in the other high profile ministry types that he does not name, but includes by definition?

    And does he actually address the problem with the questionable theological premise that the “apostles that say ‘me’!” spin to justify their prominence & prestige & power?

    I appreciate his attempt, but it does not seem to be sufficient in & of itself to catalyze a dismantling of the very organizational chart that puts those super-spiritual types atop their own brand of a Babble-on Pyramid…

    Will we ‘see’ any such dismounting from the high-horses of apostolic/prophetic ministry emphasis?

    And his carefully couched mention of the Wagners cannot possibly address the errors in that setup which still justifies the very thing that is the root of the issue to begin with…

    In this instance only those outside the organizational boundaries call it for what it really is. And they are labeled as the “Revival Police”. Once you are enthroned atop that apostolic mountain a divine earthquake seems necessary to shake some theological sense into these people. They will not listen to anyone else calling foul outside the influence of their domain… :(

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