Missional Sabbath

Missional pursuit flows out of an inner wholeness.  Rather than being a frenzied pursuit of accomplishment and work, it is an ongoing spring of shalom rooted in God’s work of redemption and restoration in our own life.

The shalom we experience – the peace that results from healing in our lives, the rest that comes as our hearts are made whole – is the pool from which others can drink and experience the invitation of God’s Spirit for their life also.

7 thoughts on “Missional Sabbath

  1. Brilliant post! I get discouraged when I talk about missional life, and people hear it through a grid of religion and performance. It’s like “Nooooo! This isn’t something you *have* to do, it’s something we get to participate in naturally, as an outflow of the heart.” When you are living in Christ, it is His rest and joy that impacts others in a missional way. One of the things I appreciated about Tangible Kingdom is the distinction between ‘evangelistic’ and missional living. This isn’t an evangelistic program! Thank God! :)

  2. I still struggle with this though because that’s what fundies say too – “we don’t condemn alcohol because we HAVE to, we abstain and condemn it because we GET to”.

    It’s big time tension for me.

  3. The way I heard it, way back when, was that the frenzied pursuit of missional work results in inner wholeness and shalom, which then sustains the insane pace of missional life. Grace, I like your perspective a whole lot better.

    Sarah, some of us do hear missional through the grid of religion and performance because that’s how it was presented and practiced. I’m embarrassed to say that I got pretty good at presenting it that way too. I consider myself post-missional as a result though I’m open to reasonable expressions of mission. I’m glad my Father is patient and forgiving.

  4. Not performance orientated just being within the creation God has placed us, this day, this time, this place – opportunities arise within the boundaries of our proximities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Nesting not wrestling in the love of our Creator. Shalom.

  5. Mark R,

    Thanks for writing that short bit (is poetry what you intended?). I’ve read it twice now (actually three times) and I feel better about life having done so.

    Shalom to you and everyone else who reads along!

  6. Great comments everyone. May our involvement in mission increase in proportion to the shalom we experience. If our activity isn’t rooted in God’s grace, we have nothing to offer.

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