In Case You Were Wondering

I get a lot of search engine terms on my blog that have to do with prophetic words. Apparently the recent earthquake shook up some folks. A couple of the search terms yesterday were specifically related to California – “san francisco prophetic word” and “prophetic disaster for the bay area”.

To be honest, I don’t pay a lot of attention to end-time predictions, but if you were wondering, I’ll tell you what I have heard, not from God, just from people who claim to know these things.

The world is supposedly going to end in the year 2012. Sorry I can’t remember the particulars of how that is going to occur.

Also, supposedly California is supposed to drop into the ocean 11/11 of this year. Again, I don’t remember the particulars, maybe that will be The Big One.

I am not saying either of these are true, just passing along what I heard.


9 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. I think the 2012 date related to the Mayan calendar or one of those MesoAmerican groups that were heavy into astronomy & following the movements of stars, planets, the sun & moon…

    November 11th is the date for the Big One? Don’t know the particulars about that date. But anyone with half a familiarity of California geology could predict there indeed will be a big earthquake in the future…

    Many very detailed predictions can be found on the Elijah List or posted by every self-made prophet that speaks of natural disaster as the very hand of God striking the earth in apparent anger. Too bad the really bad people are not the target. Only the poor & needy or those in less developed areas. I wonder sometimes what God really has in mind…

  2. Sorry Grace, but I heard “the big one” will be 8/8/2008 or 08/08/08 if you like a more auspicious visual representation. I wonder what “they” will say when it doesn’t happen?

  3. joseph,
    Yes, I think 2012 does have something to do with the mayan calendar. Predicting an earthquake for California is a pretty safe “prophecy.”


    That makes sense. Something important is bound to happen on 08/08/08.

  4. Something important is bound to happen on 08/08/08…

    If anything is related to the number 8 or 8th of anything it seems it is not going to be catastrophic or destructive in any way. At least the more accepted meaning of 8 in a religious context is something special, miraculous, other-worldly. Hopefully this will be the case for the world we inhabit.

    If so, then we can start the countdown. Only “8” days to go! :)

  5. …I have heard that it will be 2050 — which will have something to do with computer technology breaking the cognitive barrier…I don’t recall the exact story.

    Hmmm…Terminator, anyone?

  6. joseph,
    Now 5 days to go. At least it’s a Friday.

    I’m not really planning on being around in 2050. Let me know how it turns out. ;)

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