You Could Say That

Interesting statement by my husband…

“Church is the only place that really doesn’t have to work, and it will just keep going and going and going…

like a bad rash.”

And you thought I was cynical.

BTW, he added qualifiers and disclaimers later.
We both love the church.  Really.


5 thoughts on “You Could Say That

  1. bit like pre Jesus, Jewish religious life, increasingly reduced to an extreme form of legalism. Possessing a form of devotion but devoid virtually of any vital experience of God Himself.

    We need a modern day Ezra – to tell us what the Kingdom is about.

  2. Hey everyone I almost deleted this post. It is true that so much of the dysfunctional status quo within the church is self-perpetuating. But overall, I have great hope for the church that Jesus is building.

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