Book Review: Transforming Power



I was asked to be part of a virtual book tour for the book Transforming Power by Hugh Ballou.  Following is my brief review of this book:



Transforming Power: Stories from Transformational Leaders for Encouragement and Inspiration

Hugh Ballou has brought together a collection of 25 stories from individuals who have experienced transformation of themselves or their institution.

“In the best sense, Transformational Leaders equip and create community” through consensus, collaboration, and cooperation.  The trait emphasized in the stories is enabling and empowering others.

A common theme in the stories shared is the ability of the leader to draw out and encourage the gifts and abilities of the people in their organization.  One of my favorite articles was about a white, middle-class church that was successfully transformed to become a diverse community of race and class.

The book contains some interesting stories about growth and change within church congregations and the leadership strategies involved in navigating those situations, including some of the power struggles that occur in church politics.

Leaders involved in traditional congregations may find encouragement, inspiration, and practical ideas in the examples that are shared.

This is a good quote from the book:

It is clear that the more closely a leader is tuned to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in his or her own life, the more likely he/she will be aware of the opportunities to encourage transformation.
– Daniel Sharp

A word from the publisher…

For more information about Hugh Ballou – visit Hugh’s blog. Information about Transforming Power is available at Amazon.  For full tour details, visit the virtual tour website.

A SPECIAL BONUS TO EACH PERSON WHO PURCHASES TRANSFORMING POWER TODAY – Hugh Ballou has compiled a list of great FREE bonus gifts for anyone who purchases Transforming Power today. To see a sample of the items that are being given away, visit the Transforming-Power website.  Just buy a copy of Transforming Power, return to this page and click to submit your invoice number to receive the web page link to download all of these gifts for FREE.


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