Sound Bites – Missional Synchroblog

These are statements and phrases from the missional synchroblog posts that I would like to remember.  For the Cliffs Notes version, see the summaries at Subversive Influence.   Those interested in a micro-tour of the synchroblog might enjoy these sound bites.

My apologies to my friends who are experiencing missional saturation. ;)

Feel free to skip this post.  And I am guessing the synchrobloggers will only glance through to find their own name.

Sound Bites

The church emerges out of the mission of God in the world, not the other way around.  Actual mission must precede any new cultural understandings that the church might develop of itself.  –  Alan Hirsch

adding the label “missional” to their meetings and programs does not make them missional.  –  Alan Knox

It is often dumbed down by people who confuse it with “evangelistic” or “mission-minded”  –  Andrew Jones

finding those wells that still exist in our lives today…Places where people naturally gather…A place to share my life with them.  –  Barb Peters

So the word “missional” just becomes one more marketing tool in our attractional toolbox to get people to the show.  –  Bill Kinnon

a lifetime’s engagement with the communities where we have been strategically placed  –  Bill Kinnon

We need to be converted away from an internally focused, Constantinean mode of church and converted towards an externally focused, missional-incarnational movement that is a true reflection of the missionary God we follow. –Brad Brisco

there is no “40 days of missional” model  –  Brad Grinnen

sustainable change requires transformation at the deepest level in order to effect long-term changes at the surface level.  –  Brad Sargent

the church will be organized around mission as its sole purpose.  –  Br.Maynard

Drawing others into the deeply relational and loving arms of Jesus –Chad Brooks

It’s a scary world for the experts when the amateurs are out in front.  –  
Chris Wignall

neither church nor human is the author of mission.  –  Cobus van Wyngaard

The essence of God’s mission is extravagant love  –  Dave DeVries

Jesus left the comfort of church err… heaven, and went to where people were at – David Best

(incarnational) rhythm contradicts the rhythm of an attractional church.  –  David Fitch

a way to be involved in God’s work toward the redemption of ALL THINGS.  –  David Wierzbicki

to reflect God’s character and God’s priorities in our everyday life  –  Doug Jones

the call of the church to love our neighbours, to make disciples, to be broken and poured out for others.  –  Duncan McFadzean

I hope that those of us seeking to imitate an incarnate God really understand that that means following a crucified One.  –  Erika Haub

engaging the world as living alternatives.  –  Jamie Arpin-Ricci

seeing life, ministry and mission interwoven together.  –  Jeff McQuilkin

following the lead of the Holy Spirit into restoring the world around us.  –  Jonathan Brink

little wonder then that so many who really get what missional is all about are labeled heretics.  –  JR Rozko

“you don’t even know, like really know, a poor person, do you?”
Kathy Escobar

our participation in the joyful, ecstatic, overflowing fruitfulness of God.  –  
Len Hjalmarson

get out there to be the church  –  Makeesha Fisher

did we sacrifice reaching out for a new sound system?  –  Malcolm Lanham

like spending a day at the office with God… every day!  –  Mark Berry

learning to dwell in the margins or risky areas  –  Mark Petersen

a radical departure from a focus on ourselves or on our own church...noticeably different from churches building their own kingdoms…  –  Michael Crane

an awareness of the great desire of God from the beginning.  –  Nick Loyd

the missionary of God to us now, to all of us…is the Spirit.  –  Patrick Oden

God’s mission – search and rescue – is participatory.  –  Peggy Brown

redemptive interaction with people.  –  Phil Wyman

a church that is not missional is no church at all. It’s a club for the already initiated.  –  Richard Pool

Believers need to see their life holistically and completely sacred before they can begin to grasp what it means to be missional.  –  Rick Meigs

to be all that the Holy Spirit desires as he shapes and forms Christ in us.  –  
Rob Robinson

every living moment is a door into God into which the other is welcome.  –  
Ron Cole

They focus on what’s outside themselves and spend their time and money there.  –  Scott Marshall

giving hope in a world of gray.  –  Sonya Andrews

not simply “what the Church does”, but chiefly “what she is”.   –  Steve Hayes

signing on to God’s project to repair the World  –  Tim Thompson

How missional is put into practice is the stumbling block for many in the “missional” conversation.  –  Thom Turner


16 thoughts on “Sound Bites – Missional Synchroblog

  1. Thx for the hard work in collecting all the sound bites. When read one after another it is plain that the Spirit is blowing through God’s family.

  2. we’ve certainly gotten hit from all sides. but it has been an enormous help for me to think though and see it from so many different angles. convicting and invigorating all at once.
    thanks for this list, grace.

  3. I loved reading the sound bites … that made everything so focused for me. There’s something there. Something big … I’m not sure what … but it’s peeking at me. Now I’m going on a mission myself. It’s going to take a while in the midst of everything else I’ve got going on.

    LOL … and anyone who just wants to find their name can read alphabetically!! That was easy … but I read each one. Nice challenge though.

  4. These are really good, but I see we still have a ways to go before we can talk about “missional” without snarking at people/churches who “don’t get it”.

    I look forward to seeing “missional” stand on its own.

  5. Wonderful service, these sound bites, Grace! I, too, read them all … it was a good way to bring back to my mind each person’s contribution.

    The great thing is that this terrific collection of diverse perspectives is out there to be revisited when our brains clear and we can process again! 8)

  6. Sweet job Grace!!! It shows the diversity, complexity…and yet a challenging simplicity. Robby’s comment reveals the challenge, to see it stand on it’s own. I think if were honest, we all like to wade in the shallow end splashing water around…the challenge will be do jump deep into what missional really is.

  7. I dunno guys, I see people jumping in DEEP all around me. Not the least of which is our community of faith. You might see snark in there but I don’t at all. I see beautiful stories, challenging calls and mighty men and women of God living a mission shaped faith. If 50 posts in that vein still make you see the snark, I’m not sure I can help you see otherwise.

  8. Thanks for the great comments everyone.

    I hope you don’t get whiplash as I shift gears from the richness of missional thought to the controversy of the christian blogosphere’s “bad boys.”

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