Missional Mommies

There are several mothers of young children who are heroes of mine in the missional conversation.  As bloggers, they tend not to be the most dominant voices.  Perhaps because they “spend a fair bit of time talking about themselves, their kids, and what they did that day.”

Yet it is the very fact that their missional theology is integrated and expressed in the narrative of their family, friends, and moments of ordinary life that makes their example powerful.  And really, isn’t this kind of integration necessary to define ‘what is missional?’

As they go about their days, they are discipling little hearts.  They are connecting with the people of their neighborhoods, grocery stores, and parks, often because this is what their time is confined to during this season of life.  However, it would be wise for those of us that have the luxury of more free time to take note of their incarnational example.

To demonstrate what I mean, let me link to posts from a few of the missional mommies who inspire me.  Believe me, you will be blessed and inspired to read their posts.

  • Erika – Honestly, this is the most beautiful picture of discipleship I have read.  Part 1, Part 2
  • Amber – Sweet moments of Chloe’s life. I loved the prayer that she would see Jesus as not “too big” for her.  Part 1, Part 2
  • Molly – A brilliant post on punishment versus discipline. The skills and attitude cultivated in discipling a two-year-old through a tantrum are useful in every relationship.
  • Mary – She shares how missional living is a family affair.  Mary parents with a gentle, patient maturity that I wish I had when my children were toddlers.

I am thankful for the gems of wisdom that I glean from the stories these women share.


12 thoughts on “Missional Mommies

  1. Erika,
    You are very welcome. I was in tears also today reading your update. The image of your children’s simple trust and willingness to model your example of serving was really powerful. And the way that you gently stepped into what the Spirit was doing in that moment was equally powerful.

  2. grace – hamo has posted and I have noted in my own life, that wive’s of men who were once Pastors in the mainstream seem to blossom in missional ministry while their husbands seem to struggle with the fluidity of it all.

    I note also – Sarah Acciental Blog, Heather Deconstructed Christian, Yourself – who’s wonderful dialogue and Blogs are adding to the debate and creating change in many lives – including my own. To all those beautiful ladies I salute you!!!

  3. Thanks Mark, and thanks for pointing out that there are many other intelligent women and mothers who are blogging. Sarah and Heather would be right at the top of the list of those I admire.

    That’s the problem with lists, isn’t it?

    These four came to mind because they often write about their children, they have multiple young children, and they are intent on living missionally in the midst of this intense season of child-rearing.

    I’m sure that there are many others, so feel free to give them a shout out here in the comments. Or if you are one, give yourself a shout out. ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing these bloggers! I’ve added them to my reader since it’s always nice to hear from other mothers. All of those posts were fantastic!

    And thanks, Mark for the mention! (No worries, Grace – I’m happier to hear of others’ blogs!)

  5. Thanks, Grace!

    Perhaps it’s because of the season I’m in, but I really enjoy reading about the journeys of other mothers out there. It is encouraging to have this exhausting, ever-changing, and rewarding season validated.

  6. In the trenches of toddlerhood, it can seem like we are missing out on the “important” stuff, but moms are right in the middle of the important stuff. If it doesn’t happen in the ordinary, it doesn’t happen at all.

    Dawn, thanks for adding your sister’s link. Her blog looks great.

  7. Oh Grace – Thanks again for your constant encouragement via cyberspace. I love to see what God is doing out there outside of “mommydom”
    I will add the other Mama’s to my reader as well.
    I am in the game, it just looks different for me, but we are raising kids who are construction a different reality then the ones we were raised in and it is a brilliantly challenging task!
    Peace to you!

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