Almost a Tech Geek

Following Brother Maynard’s example, I thought that I would post a picture of my blogging environment and equipment.

The Blogger’s Natural Habitat

This isn’t actually me although it is a close representation of my blogging posture. I am usually scrunched down a little more with my head on a couple of pillows. My couch is brown leather. I couldn’t post an actual picture because I don’t know how to run the digital camera, how to use the camera on my cellphone, or how to upload pictures.

My Kit

It’s brown.


8 thoughts on “Almost a Tech Geek

  1. Sitting at a desk using a desktop Mac is my environment. However I won’t judge you quite as harshly as Sarah and Mark R, since I do use a Dell at work.
    I think I would fall asleep and dump my laptop on the floor if I tried your method (or at least end up with a sore neck).

  2. Well, that explains your perspective on things :)
    I can imagine what sitting upright in a chair with proper posture and a real desktop machine would do for your ecclesiology. For the sake of the world, stay on the couch!

  3. sarah and others,
    I won’t bother responding to the inevitable Mac comments. ;)

    Except to say that advanced technology is wasted on me due to my unwillingness to figure it out. Although I may decide to upgrade my level of understanding sometime in the future.

    neal and mark,
    The pillows are appropriately positioned to eliminate all potential discomfort.

    inheritor and kimberly,
    I probably shouldn’t mention which blogs put me to sleep. :)
    I often wake up to a blacked out screen.

    LOL David. Due to the upside-down nature of the kingdom, reading this way works out pretty well for me.

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