A Quickie Meme

Since Brother Maynard needs to keep his blog traffic up while he’s out galavanting around the US, he started a meme about your favorite book of the Bible. I have a long post scheduled to go up tomorrow that I would like to leave open for several days, so I am going to squeeze this in today. Plus I want to be able to tag a few people before everyone I know is already tagged.

I hate having to pick a favorite in anything. I usually change my mind about ten minutes (or less) after I declare a favorite. But for Brother Maynard, here goes…

First the runners up:

I love the Old Testament. Maybe one of these.

  • Exodus and Kings – journeys into exile.
  • Psalms – of course.
  • The Big 3 – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel – how could I choose between these?
  • Jesus-is-my-boyfriend books ;) – Song of Solomon, Hosea – love these.

In the NT, John is also a favorite of mine.

But my very most favorite I think, maybe, at least for this moment, is Galatians.

Probably not a big surprise since the main theme is GRACE.

Galatians is such a comprehensive book covering so many important topics:

  • The truth of the gospel
  • Freedom in Christ
  • Living in grace
  • Oneness in Christ
  • Our inheritance and identity as children of God
  • Freedom from law and religion
  • Simplicity of the gospel
  • The law of love
  • Living by the Spirit
  • Walking humbly together
  • New creation

No wonder I love this book!

I am interested in what these people might answer:

Actually, I would be interested in everyone’s answers, so feel free to participate in the comments or link to your blog if you post about this. Oh, and be sure to link back to Brother Maynard.


9 thoughts on “A Quickie Meme

  1. Grace … I wonder if Bro. M. is going to track the number of folks who like the Gospel of John as their favorite??? Seems to be a big group! ;^)

  2. Hey, I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses. Thanks for playing along.
    Jamie, I still hope to respond to your meme.
    This week just got away from me.

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