Sunday Breakfast

I was having coffee with a couple of friends the other day, one who faithfully attends a church she doesn’t like and the other who, having recently left a church, doesn’t attend anywhere.

The faithful attender asked me whether some mutual friends of ours had found a church yet.

While my mental response was, “hell no, they’re not even looking,” my actual response was, “they are enjoying their Sunday morning breakfasts.”

The non-attender friend said, “Yes we are too. Maybe we should start a breakfast club.”

“Next thing you know someone would call it a church.”

“Then there would be disagreements about syrup.”

“And sausage versus bacon.”

“Eventually someone would split off to have their own non-pork breakfast.”

Breakfast. It’s complicated.


22 thoughts on “Sunday Breakfast

  1. Don’t be silly. That isn’t complicated. Anyone with any sense knows that sausages are the only choice. While we can love the bacon-eaters, we must hate the bacon.


  2. It is only complicated when we think everyone has to eat and drink the same thing for breakfast. When we can have a breakfast where each one may choose it becomes less complicated but the kitchen is a lot messier. Clean up takes a long time……but most of the fun conversation happens during cleaning time.

  3. Hell, man cannot live on coffee alone!

    He must imbibe fine Mimosas or top shelf vodka Bloody Mary’s!

    Now that will do wonders for reducing the schisms around the table… :)

  4. LOL!

    Omelettes? I thought we were having waffles!

    I’ll try to remember that.
    Must hate the bacon. Must hate the bacon. Must hate the bacon.

    Maybe it would just be easier to go to Perkins and have our breakfast cooked and served.

    Oh, not Perkins! I meant Starbucks. ;)

    I have noticed that alcohol has a tendency to diminish sectarianism.

  5. LOL …

    Especially since I just got back from Sunday Morning Brunch (with coffee, juices and Mimosas) with our Tuesday Night Missional Group … where we realized that we had become church together. :) In all the good ways, of course. ;)

    We bring food potluck — each person contributing something (I brought the juices), and for the past 15 weeks, no one has complained about the food.

    …LOVE bacon….

  6. Too funny and too true. I love going out with people for breakfast or coffee we have some great conversations…I gave up all meetings 5 years ago and I can’t say I miss them either. You’re on a roll…

  7. Grace,

    If we go to Starbucks or Perkins we will miss the clean up where all the good conversation occurs…..unless we bless the Perkins and Starbucks folks by doing the clean up for them.

  8. jeff,
    I rescued you from the spam bin. I don’t understand why your comments often go there. I’m sorry if I’ve missed any. I try to check it routinely.

    Brunch isn’t really breakfast, is it?

    You sound like one of those emerging breakfast people.

    peggy and kim,
    I’m happy that you each have found a satisfying breakfast situation.

    That’s true, but the cooks at the restaurant have more experience at cooking, there is a greater variety of menu items, we don’t have to get to know the people at the table next to us, and we can just walk away from the mess without getting our hands dirty.

  9. Breakfast Club ay?
    what was it?
    -the basket-case
    -the rebel
    -the jock
    -the brain and …
    -the princess

    I don’t think I could pull off the Molly Ringwald thing…so I’ll probably just have to go for the basket-case role :)
    We could meet once a week and call our church
    St. Arbucks!

  10. tom, katherine, 7catz, and gary.
    Glad you could join us. :)

    I’m sorry that I have missed some of your comments. I’ve started checking the spam more often now. Your comments should show up immediately, and I can’t understand why they don’t. Sometimes when people include links, their posts get flagged, but it seems like all of yours are getting held up.

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