Missional Monday

We do not need, however, to live together in residential communities in order to orient our lives around God’s vision and purposes. However to move beyond functional atheism and become the people God intends us to be, we do need to foster a sense of shared spirituality and commitment. It is because of our conviction that we are called to reflect, albeit very inadequately, the image of our loving God and to model something of God’s shalom kingdom vision that we believe Christians need to become part of community.

To do mission work is no longer seen as wanting to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of others. Rather it is about learning to “love our neighbors as we do ourselves.” It is a recognition of the fact that we cannot share life with other members of God’s international family as God intended unless we are in loving relationships willing to enter into the life journeys of others—to share their pain and their sorrows, to celebrate their joys and their triumphs.

Christine Sine


3 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. Amen.

    However, sometimes it’s difficult to find others who share that vision. (see Erin’s post entitled, “A Place for Us” over at DecompressingFaith.com)

    Tom and Christine are wonderful people whose lives are filled with like-minded people. But they live in an urban setting in Seattle. What about those of us who live in the suburban wasteland or in conservative rural communities?

    Does that mean we have no other choice than to try to live out these values in congregations which find such values to be suspect or even unbiblical?

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