Missional Monday

Mike Bishop writes

Sustainable means that we can continue on the path God has for us without having to rely on big organization, huge amounts of funding, or keeping up with the latest church trends. It means that we work without a lot of visibility, but will be able to minister right where people are hurting and in need of the good news of God’s kingdom. This is a Jesus-led underground movement. (Part 1)

We are not influential people in the wider Christian conversation, at least in terms of being authors or known speakers. Collectively, our faith communities do not amount to much on paper. ..So no…we don’t have all the answers. We aren’t qualified to prescribe a step-by-step plan for planting the next great emerging church or creating some world-changing organization. Ours has been a way of waiting, questions, pain, and even death. Not fun stuff. Not “host the next big innovative conference and sell a million books” kind of stuff, that’s for sure. (Part 2)

I believe where we go from here is to begin articulating for ourselves and the church that our lives have become unmanageable, that by ourselves we are powerless over the kingdom of ‘me’ and all of the cultural realities that kingdom has produced.

We can practice step one in a variety of ways – by continuing to nurture simple communities of faith that have a vision of God’s kingdom, through art, through being with the unwanted or ignored, through love rather than becoming another brand of entrepreneur. (Part 3)


One thought on “Missional Monday

  1. Grace…great thoughts, as CovenantClusters is right there with him in the background, out of the spotlights, working it out with fear and trembling, remembering that it is God who is at work in and among us.

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