Comments and Conversation

I love conversation. Whether it is over coffee, wine, dinner, pizza, beer, e-mail, or blog comments, I love conversation. I am not usually the biggest talker in the group, although I do contribute. I just really like listening to the thoughts and ideas of other people.

Since I started the blog, I have always enjoyed the interaction in the comment section. I believe that every comment is worthy of a response. It surprised me how much I have learned in the process of articulating responses to the many comments over the years.

You may have noticed the new comment disclaimer in the sidebar. It is with a sense of loss that I make this change. It is hard for me to imagine reading a comment and not responding to it or responding to some comments and not to others.

But the reality is that I simply can no longer do that. Due to personal circumstances, my blogging time must fit in a smaller window. That leaves time for some writing and some reading and less time for commenting.

I may be biased, but I believe that over the years, some of the best conversations have happened here. It is because of you, the wise and interesting people who take the time to share your thoughts. Your input is what makes the blog interesting to me.

As much as I value the conversation, my voice will be a smaller part of it. Of course you are still free to converse with and respond to one another. I honestly hope, perhaps unfairly, that many of you will continue to share your thoughts here.

Please know that as my response to comments becomes more random, I still value the individual comments as much as I always have. If I were able, I would prefer to respond to every single one.

Hopefully, you will agree with my friend Peggy who said, “a little bit of grace is better than no grace!”


8 thoughts on “Comments and Conversation

  1. Definitely understood, Grace! I find it hard to keep up with comments on mine, too (although I don’t usually get nearly as many as you, unless I write about mormons or something! hehe)

    Better to set expectations low and pleasantly surprise them, I always say ;)

  2. Sonja … 8)

    Grace — I have been learning to do more “lurking and listening” these days myself (not that you could tell over at Jesus Creed lately!). I agree that it feels almost a kind of courtesy breach not to respond to each comment … but there are lots of “common” courtesies that we are having to adapt for our conversations in the Blogosphere.

    It is good to be reminded that, even when you’re not active where we can “see” you, we know you’re out there with us in the realm of the Spirit — dancing in the dance at your own pace.

    Be blessed….

  3. Well, then…I guess we’re gonna have to think of creative ways to make our comments STAND OUT, so they will be the ones you reply to.



    I haven’t nearly the readership you have, yet I don’t necessarily have time to reply to every comment. It’s cool when you can, but…anyway, I understand. But pick ME!

  4. healthy boundaries are a good thing. that you should have such a dilemma is an indication of how far your blog has come from it’s humbler days at blogger. i remember you when…:-)

  5. LOL … now people are going to have “pick me” lines in their comments … and the rest of us will have visuals of people jumping up and down in their seats doing a Horshack from “Welcome Back Kotter” … that’s certainly going to make life around here more interesting!

  6. Actually, Sonja, I was hearing Eddie Murphy as “Donkey” from Shrek! :D

    I can, however, see Horshack and hear him: “Ooo, Ooo, Mr. Kott-er!” Hehehe….

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