Missional Monday

I hope you enjoy this conversation from the Missional Journey

Craig Van Gelder: “What is God doing in this world? This requires discernment to recognize what God is doing in our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, etc.”

Larry Chouinard: It is this aspect of a missional vision that needs more development and training to enable the church to discern God’s missional presence in a cultural context. Are we looking for explicit expressions of Kingdom values that signal the Divine presence? I don’t think Western churches are accustomed to looking for God in the every-day-ness of life.

It would seem such a way of “seeing” demands a radically different lens through which we see the world. I know how Jesus trained his disciples to see the world through a different lens, how do we do that today. “Joining God in mission” sounds incredibly compelling, but identifying with certainty “what God is doing in my neighborhood, schools, and local businesses” is not as easy as our rhetoric implies.

Jonathan Brink: “Much of our discipleship is simply Bible study which is the learning of Scriptural content. It’s not bad but it doesn’t prepare the individual to follow the Holy Spirit in the moment to where God is already working. Jesus didn’t leave us with the Bible to memorize. He left us with the Holy Spirit to follow.

I would suggest that we’re afraid to follow the Holy Spirit into mission because it might just change our world. And that could be painful. ‘-)

Demonstrated in this video posted by Fred Peatross:


8 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. Some years ago God gave me a pair of glasses just like those in the video. It changed my life. The problem is that some days I forget to put them on. Usually, some time during the day Father shows up with those glasses that I forgot to put on.

    It is my prayer that every follower of Jesus will wear these glasses.

  2. Great, as always! The video was challenging. It got me thinking about the possibility of glasses that help us see societal/systemic realities. This is where we are at currently. It is really hard. Thanks!


  3. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the video.

    Glasses like that would definitely be interesting and perhaps helpful in church also.

  4. Really enjoyed video. Looked like alot of my days (that is the de-spectacled part!). Glad Jesus has perfect vision. Best to look to Him I conclude.

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