Sunday Revival

It has been a subversive week!

Thank you to my subversive friends who included me in your links to this meme.
I am a little late in the game to continue the meme as I have seen it already pass on to second and third generation lists with many well-deserving blogs already included.

Just a reminder that I keep a current list of interesting posts that I have read in my sidebar under “Conversations to Watch.” Whenever you click through to the site, be sure to check out what has caught my attention. It changes daily.

My Favorite Post Of The Week…

This post at Once A Youth Pastor brought back memories of our first too-big garden – from the starry-eyed dreaming over the Gurney’s catalog to the endless hours of weeding and way too many encounters with icky bugs and creepy-crawly critters. The post brilliantly illustrates the point that bigger isn’t always better.

This just in…hopeful changes in the christian publishing industry?

Losing My Religious Security Blanket is an article in the April issue of Next-Wave. Thanks Editor Bob.

Greg Boyd did an intelligent and thorough review of Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth. His conclusion:

Better yet, if you’re interested in a Christ-centered way of learning how to live “in the present moment” — and we all should be — forget about Tolle and read Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach, Practicing the Presence of God and/or J. De Caussade, The Sacrament of the Present Moment. Yes, live in the now! But do it in loving relationship with God rather than believing you are God.

Putting traditional tithing teaching on trial.

Fun site, Stuff Christians Like.

Post-charismatic Stuff

Brother Maynard shared a little of the back story about the book Post-Charismatic and included a link to an interesting previous post of his describing 6 types of post-charismatics.

Cynthia shared her post-charismatic experience.

A great review by Jason Clark. It looks like there is new interest in the term charismissional. Robby said I should have copyrighted it. He emphasizes it as descriptive of a necessary movement forward for those detoxing from charismatic hype.

The links to a series of Charismissional articles are on my recommended page.

This seems like an appropriate ending…

Postman Pat and his Charismatic Cat
Postman Pat the evangelist – See how Pat tackles Rev Timms, Mrs Thompson, the knife-wielding Atheist, and Ted Glen with his nasal hair problem.

A couple of my favorite lines…

“Pat, what’s happened? You’ve been Toronto’d!”

“Oh, no, I just fell over.”


“Keep praying for Mrs. Thompson.
She’s nearly a Christian.
I keep speaking to her.
She nearly knifed me today.”


5 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. good links all around. I like Greg Boyd’s site, I just wish he would turn on his ‘comments’ as I always find I need to respond to his posts for some further clarification.

  2. I’ll have to come back to read the links, but I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Brilliant! Or, Spot on! I especially liked the Toronto reference too…

  3. I’m glad you liked the video too. I was wondering if perhaps my sense of humor was especially twisted, which it might be; but if it is, then yours is too. ;)

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