Sunday Revival

Not an April 1 joke, Post-Charismatic by Rob McAlpine has been released in the UK and is receiving favorable reviews.

A quote from Jonny Baker discussing the book by Caputo, What Would Jesus Deconstruct.

the church is always going to be deconstructed because it is a construct and the kingdom of god beckons us to move beyond it, to remake it where we have domesticated jesus and his message. caputo doesn’t quite say this but the current shifts around emerging church and so on at best are part of this beckoning to recover truth and the dangerous memory of jesus.

Some great thoughts about how to remake church and move beyond where we are by Ron in his post about Kingdom Economics.

Interesting interview of Drew Marshall on 100 Huntley street. (Each clip is 10 minutes. If you are limited for time, I recommend 7:00-10:00 on the first clip. There are also interesting comments on the second clip.)

A quote from Drew’s message about the interview:

I AM FRUSTRATED and actually, YES… I AM angry. Very angry, at how Christian leaders have been allowed to consistently get away with selling a North American, narcissistic, materialistic, “what’s in it for me”, squeaky clean, sterile Christianity. The Christianity I see being sold (You can’t actually sell something unless people buy it – so wake up people and stop empowering these Princely Pawns) is quite simply, getting in the way of people finding Jesus, following Jesus, being in a relationship with Jesus.

(ht Bill Lollar)

More on sterility.

Wow, can we say this? Rob Bell apparently did…

Rob did a great job communicating his heart and what he had done in his own church to empower women in every level of leadership. He said that he used to hear the old argument that there are two sides to this theological position but now he says there are not two sides, if you hold to the position that oppresses (probably my word) women you are just wrong.

(ht Rose Swetman)

More about that conversation from Eugene Cho.

For women and on a lesser level, people of color, it’s an uphill journey. It just is. And if you have to ask…you just don’t understand. And on this uphill journey, it’s uplifting when those who have power can acknowledge and advocate for those on this uphill journey.

A couple of interesting posts about church based on television shows

A view of church through the eyes of the unchurched in an episode of Desparate Housewives.

A description of obstacles churches face in implementing change using a comparison to the show Kitchen Nightmares.

Sin and Forgiveness

Jason Zahariades posts about sin:

The biblical idea of sin is that it is our failure to be truly human as God intended — to live in communion with God and then to be his image to the rest of creation. Sin is our failure to do this and the resulting death we experience is within the very fabric of our being, thus breaking and corrupting everything we touch.

Peggy’s post, When “Enemy” Wears the Mask of “Friend”:

Most of the people who are at the center of wounds in my memory are supposed to be my friends, not my enemies. It is an important thing to bring “enemy” closer to home, just as it is an important thing to bring “sin” down to not choosing to love. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Imonk on the relational consequences of sin, The Things That Won’t Go Away:

Jesus may have forgiven me, but my sins have followed me. Their footprints in the lives of those I’ve sinned against are still there, and they are calling me to an accounting.

Thoughts on forgiveness by Larry Chouinard:

In the Kingdom the offended pursues the offender so that together they can experience the transforming power of reconciliation. There are no cold wars in the Kingdom, either you are working for peace and restored relationships, or you are part of a dysfunctional body.


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