Missional Monday

Ron shared this quote from Eugene Peterson…

“The way of Jesus is always local and ordinary.”

and added these wise thoughts…

Missional does not have to be spectacular. It is simple. There has not been a day in my life where I have not had a chance to be missional. If I have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear…the opportunities are aways before me, and around me. The challenge is to take that little mustard seed of faith, and plant it missionally in my everyday living.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.


8 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. Hm-m-m-m Mm-m-m-m … No way!

    We gotta do BIG things for God! We gotta change the world for God! We gotta find the professional world-changers for Jee-sus and hire them to do the SPECTACULAR things, like filling sports stadiums and preaching how God is getting ready to judge, and they’re all gonna go to hell unless they repent!

    We’ll never get the world changed by being local and going out into our communities, and being ordinary by developing relationships …

    Are you kidding?

  2. A bloke over here (Oz – and no, not the jail) sings a song – from little things big things grow. Sounds a little like the above quote.

    In missional the spectacular occurs within, like the mustard seed when planted in the ground we do not see it’s radical slowly form, the seed itself swell as it slowly absorbs moisture, it’s cotyledons reaching for the surface to become solar panels – from little things big things grow.

  3. Local, yes.
    Ordinary, however, depends upon what your definition of ordinary is. If healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead are ordinary then I wholeheartedly agree.
    For most American Christians those things would be far to scary to be called ordinary. Even giving 10% of their income toward the “mission” would not be considered ordinary by most.

  4. alan,
    Thanks for the link. I’ve enjoyed reading the entries.

    Thanks bdl!

    Good one Ken. ;)

    Very true. It is a kingdom principle that the powerful things of the kingdom are found in small seeds planted in ordinary ground and nurtured in faith.

    True that the spiritual life consists of miraculous and supernatural events. However, the entrance to those events is sometimes through the doorway of ordinary relational moments, acts of kindness and service, expressions of generosity and friendship.

  5. Grace, I agree that the way many (if not most come to know Jesus is through ordinary relationships with ordinary Christians (who really are extraordinary because of who dwells within them). I think the church in however, in many cases has fallen down on either one or the other or both counts: not allowing people through the doorway by being judgmental or always speaking in Christianese, but we also have a tendency to keep people standing in the doorway and not living in the fullness of the kingdom that is given us.

  6. inheritor,
    Very well said. I think we’ve had a tendency to compartmentalize spiritual things, and that if we were to live our faith in a more holistic manner, the fullness of the kingdom would be integrated in our relationships in a way that is authentic and natural.

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