Sunday Revival


We woke up to over 6 inches of snow this morning.

A few links to start with…

One of the discussions that got a lot of attention this week was Andrew Jones’ response to Phil Johnson concerning contextualization. A couple of great posts by Andrew – part 1, and part 2.

David Fitch had some questions for Brian McLaren about his book, Everything Must Change.

Mark Van Steenwyk announced John MacArthur’s “Nothing Must Change” Tour.

Show Biz

Best April 1 post here.

Somewhat related, but no joke, this short post from Fred Peatross, The Alzheimer Metaphor.

Jared Wilson – The Show Is Not Working (ht Bill Kinnon)

I guess I am not the only one who had trouble with the Easter Show Service.

This comment from Sarah on another blog should have been a post of its own.

Shack News

Love this quote:

“The shack is a metaphor. It’s the place where you get stuck,” he said. “It’s the place you keep your secrets. We don’t go back there willingly.”

(The Tennessean (dot) com)

To extend that idea with a thought from Jonathan Brink, it also can become the place of healing:

“The shortest distance between you and your wholeness is through your obstacles.”

Wayne Jacobsen from Lifestream announced this exciting news:

They would like to help us take The Shack to level of distribution that we could not begin to duplicate here…and they also want to work with us to release some of Wayne’s titles at a wider level and to publish other books we feel have an important message to our culture…we’re amazed at how committed they were to the passion of this book and our other ideas to help people connect with the amazing love of the Father and think beyond the rigid lines of Christianity-as-religion in the 21st Century.

I am so glad that more of Wayne’s writing will be distributed as a result of the popularity of The Shack. There are links to some of Wayne’s material on my Recommended page. In my opinion, a person should read and listen to most everything that Wayne makes so freely available.

Mike Morrell had an interesting conversation this week with Wayne about the usefulness of the term emergent, part 1 and part 2.

Odds and Ends

American Idol: Jason Castro fans, here is a link to his website where some of his song are available for (free?) download, including “Hallelujah.”

Meme: 6 word memoir, I was tagged by Amber Bishop for this meme. If you feel inspired to do this, please share your 6 words in the comments or link back to your blog. Here are my words:

“How does that make you feel?”


7 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. I am a Jason Castro fan. Some of that has to do with having dreadlocks myself, but the guy can sing, and he’s a good solid Christian. That’s a good site you linked.

    I write about him a lot on my other blog –

    Glad you didn’t get too burned out and stop posting Grace!


  2. Yay! I was so excited to hear that Wayne Jacobsen’s work is up for a much broader audience. During my painful exit from fundamentalism, I was lucky enough to hear him speak and read his “He Loves Me.” Jacobsen was one of those rare voices that made Christianity at least somewhat attractive and not just another set of expectations demanding conformity. I can’t wait to read _The Shack_.

  3. Wow! I spent the entire evening reading your post and the links you have. I am excited about so much of what I read and the rest left me wondering about a lot of stuff.
    Thanks for the week in focus :o)

  4. Grace,

    Thanks for the blog. I’m a relatively new reader of a variety of writers centered on the ideas of post-modern, deconstruction and emerging/missional/organic church.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but it seems to me like a certain echo chamber dynamic. I read a great deal about what is wrong with the church (super-sized, large and small) but not much on what ought to be – other than vague generalities about loving one another.

    What do you hear God saying? Where do you see Jesus leading? Sarah writes that she left her church for its barrenness. Ok. How’s that worked out for her? How’s that worked out for others?

    What is notable to me is not the list of problems folks are able to identify with church but with how few stories of good things that are happening in the alternative(s). Do these tales exist? If not, are any of the alternatives genuinely viable?

    I’ve worked 8 years for an institutional church founded (and still pastored) by my parents. We’ve lots of problems, but we’ve lots of stories of God showing up and doing God kind of things. Personally, we came to a great many of the same ideas and conclusions as you.

    We chose to substantially change our church as a result. Our governmental structure allowed for that, but in the end, it meant 95 % turnover in staff and 80 % turnover in people. So, for all practical purposes we started over. The name on the door just didn’t change.

    My folks believe the future remains in the institution – albeit a healthier, remade version. I’m not convinced.

    But if not the institution, then what? The answer espoused on many of the blogs I’ve seen is the house/emerging/small/missional/organic church. Ok. Is that really producing results? If so, why is so little said of those results? If not, what IS Jesus saying?

  5. nathan,
    I know you’re a Jason fan. Hope he does well tonight. Yay, it’s Tuesday!

    Wayne does such a good job of communicating the message of grace. I think you’ll really like The Shack.

    It’s crazy isn’t it in April!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the links, that was my hope in posting them.

    I’m not sure that I have answers for you. The nature of deconstruction is an examination of former beliefs and practices. It is a phase of the journey, but not a healthy place to permanently camp.

    What I see personally is a desire to be the church and communicate God’s love and redemption to the world around me as a lifestyle of faith and worship expressed in generosity, love, and service to the people I encounter in my life.

    How’s that working for me? There are wonderful moments amidst many ordinary moments.

    To be honest, I believe the future of the church is both within and outside the institution. The solution isn’t the model, but the lives of faithful believers walking in obedience to God. I bless and encourage that wherever it occurs.

  6. Just catching up on all your entries. Thanks for playing along. I read in chunks! I think I am mostly surprised that you go to a Willow Creek Franchise. I didn’t see that coming a mile away, so you got me on that one:-)What can I say, I did also think you lived in Canada:-) Peace to you this day!

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