Missional Monday

I think the essence of being missional is seeing people the way that God sees them and truly hearing them. I would like to share a couple of quotes today that express that sentiment.

Brian at Just an Apprentice shared this thought…

“But what does it mean to see the world the way God does? Garber says that in biblical imagery, it takes people with ears to hear, and eyes to see. It takes people who know that to know–in a deeply biblical sense–means to be responsible, and that to be responsible means to care. People who “get it” understand that deeply Christian discipleship is marked by learning to see the world the way that God does, to know the world the way that God does, to love the world the way that God does.”

Daniel Tidwell at Jesus Manifesto gave this example about listening in a way where we truly hear the other person…

“Yesterday I had a conversation with some friends. In the middle of our time together one member courageously brought forward a question about our time together. She reminded us of how she had opened a topic for all of us and had been met with silence. We all remembered being moved by her openness with us and we all remembered our own failure to enter with her into a place of pain and transformation. Without telling her story here, I can say, that she struggled with a pattern of being responded to with deafening silence in her life. It took a lot of courage, passion, and humility for her to stop being silenced and come back to us and ask us to face how we had shared in that pattern of suppressing her voice.”

Brad Brisco shared this quote about listening as an expression of hospitality…

“Listening is always involved in hospitality. The most gracious attempts we can muster are meaningless if we do not actually hear the stranger. Listening is the core meaning of hospitality. It is something we can give anyone and everyone, including ourselves. It takes only a few minutes to really listen.”


2 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. I used to be a good listener. I don’t think I am anymore, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m too busy holding onto my own thoughts in my increasingly leaky brain. Maybe I don’t listen because I don’t trust anymore.

  2. Cindy,
    I can relate to that. I tend to be very distracted most of the time which isn’t conducive for good listening. I wonder if blog reading leads to poor listening, as we skim past so many words looking for those that catch our interest.

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