Google Me?

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monologue sermon 3
kingdom grace 2
“pagan christianity” 2
forrest gump bill hybels sermon 1
when you come together, each one has a h 1
prophecy year 2008 1
if someone has a gun and is trying to ki 1
let it begin with me 1
www. elijah list .com 1
how to live your life as a way of minist 1

One of these things is not like the others.


7 thoughts on “Google Me?

  1. ROTFLOL … errr … I’m not going to say the several things that come to mind. They are off-color and inappropriate … otoh … you are 90% filled with grace. So that’s a relief. ;)

  2. haha. Good post.

    The other day I was looking through my own, and one person had found my blog this way:

    “secular genocide”

    I grinned from ear to ear.

  3. barb, sonja, inheritor, and sarah,
    I think if some is being chased by someone with a gun, googling and reading my blog might not be the most helpful plan of action.

    The wordpress stats don’t show that info. That is probably one of my biggest complaints with wp-hosted. They do provide some stats, but most of the available plug-ins use java-script which you can’t use with wp-hosted blogs.

    Secular genocide? Wow.

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