Sunday Revival

This is exactly how I felt since November with tax season approaching, then suddenly here in January, and still finding myself behind the curve in March.

Friday was Good for me because I finally dropped my shoebox off at the accountant (not really a shoebox – it’s kind of an inside joke for people who work in accounting). I was about a month behind schedule this year which meant an extra month of the burden of getting it done looming in the background of my life.

Now I just have to catch up on the things I let slide in the meantime. I already warned the kids that “things will be different next week.” How trite. Hopefully there will be a positive side to that statement as well.

I am sorry that there are emails and comments that I haven’t responded to, especially in the last couple of weeks. Things that I don’t respond to immediately tend to get lost in the shuffle and forgotten. Sometimes it is the things that I want to give some thought to that end up lost along the way. If you are one of those, please don’t take it personally. I am more scattered than I want to be.

A few links for this week

A most powerful Easter post.

Things I shared with my family

The link to the awareness test has popped up in lots of places this week. Everyone in my family is unaware.

The other thing that I shared with my family was Brant’s joke. We have listened to it repeatedly, and now we just skip the joke, go straight to the whale part and laugh with Brant.

Interesting discussions

I have enjoyed the discussion on Mini-church Done Badly. The quotes came from interesting articles and posts that I read this week.

  • Frank’s quote is from his interview with Dan Kimball.
  • Roger’s is from an excellent post on dealing with the downside of simple church and rethinking simple church with a missional emphasis.
  • Alan’s is from an interesting article about small groups, discipleship, and missional community.

Another topic of discussion this week has been about the gender of God.

  • Marko’s post on male pronouns referring to God generated a fascinating discussion.
  • Julie responded to that discussion on her blog.
  • Erin also wrote about the pronouns we use for God. I loved her suggestion that perhaps we should use they sometimes instead of he and him.
  • I think that the discussion about Jesus-is-my-boyfriend worship is very influenced by our images of the gender of God.
  • Important thoughts on worship by Jon Reid, Worship Porn.

The book, The Shack, turned the image of God as a white male on its head. This was a challenge for some people who read the book. This sentence from a recent post by Paul Young demonstrates his willingness to play fast and loose with gender pronouns for God.

“I love just being with Papa, knowing that he knows, even before I say anything and yet respectful as she waits.”

The post itself is a vulnerable explanation about the misunderstanding and accusations that have been directed towards Paul as a result of writing The Shack.

The other thing I liked about this post is the thought that there are so many chapters yet to be written, not just for Willie and Papa, but for each of us as we spend time in relationship with God and learn from them and about them.

Happy Easter!

I am inspired by the thoughts of NT Wright which I have read so many places this week. Christ’s resurrection was the turning point in history, the inauguration of new creation, the beginning of God’s project to bring the life of heaven to earth. May we learn and continue to live in the reality of resurrection.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. Happy Easter to you, Grace!

    Thanks for the link to Paul Young’s post. I riffed on it for my Easter post. (Even though Willie is a “writing name,” he goes by Paul IRL.)

  2. Thanks for the link, but even more for putting it in the context of a larger discussion I was unaware of. I did not think I was being controversial in saying that exclusively male identification of God has bad affects on our worship, but this struck a nerve in one commenter.

  3. Peggy,
    I hope that you had a happy easter too. Thanks for the reminder about Paul’s name. I think I knew that, but got it all jumbled up with willie, mack, and paul all representing the same person to me. I edited the post.

    A blessed easter and post-easter to you also. I am so happy to be able to turn my attention to other things now.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and really appreciated your post. I’ve been following the discussion at both Alan’s and your blog, pondering the latest comment that there is no support for the idea of Jesus as “lover of your soul.”

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