Sunday Revival

Been there, done that!

(ht Bob)

Brad began a series about spiritual abuse.

Barb wrote an important post about friendships lost because of church issues.

I did a series on spiritual abuse a couple of years ago. The links are on the Recommended page. Here is Part 1 of 10 posts.

Spiritual abuse is still one of the most-searched topics on my blog and the issue I am most likely to receive personal emails about. People continue to be severely hurt by toxic church systems, insecure and abusive leaders, and manipulative church politics.


Jordon Cooper provided a valuable list of links to the software he uses on his laptop.

Gender guesser analyzes a sample of your writing to determine gender. (ht Ben)

My results:

Genre: Informal
Female = 273
Male = 1543
Difference = 1270; 84.96%
Verdict: MALE

Hmmm, I’m not sure what I think of that.

Michael Kruse began a series critiquing the socio-economic perspective of McLaren’s Everything Must Change. So far, he is laying out the premise as presented in the book. (Part 2, 3, 4, 5)

The expertise and wealth of knowledge that Michael will bring to this critique make it a valuable addition to the conversation.

Just a reminder, the series by Tia Lynn at Abandon Image on views of women throughout scripture through both the complementarian and egalitarian lens has been really great so far.


Paul Fromont wrote:

Missional church is being willing to honor the cracks, our mortality, our own brokenness and frailty; the characteristic marginality, insignificance and foolishness that marks our way in the world, for in all these, surprisingly, is discovered the fragile tentative beginnings of resurrection life.

This video clip is a metaphor of our role in missional living, doing what we know to work alongside our Father.

(the clip is under a minute long)

Tomorrow is…

St Patrick’s Day

Don’t forget to wear a little green!

Relax! It’s just clay.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. Grace … love the mowing clip. Isn’t that just the truth! God’s actually accomplishing the mission; we’re too often making it harder by compacting the grass … yet he welcomes us going through the motions as we learn, so that some day we can use his power to do the real work. 8)

  2. Turns out, my writing indicates ‘male’ as well… whatever. Love the lawn mower clip! (And the Despair Inc poster too – I think I posted that same one a while back! I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it – how did they get that picture? It captures so much!)

  3. grace- funny, i’ve thought several times that you’ve started blogging more like the male bloggers i read! nothing personal or accusing- i think it’s just that you’ve stopped blogging so much on personal thoughts and are focusing more on theology and church leadership issues. besides, your toenails give you away as a girly girl, so you have nothing to worry about ;-)

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