Missional Monday

“At the heart of being incarnational is simply loving people like Jesus loved people; loving people enough to go to them. The missional church understands that Christians are to follow the example of Jesus. Jesus came to physically be with us and to reach us with the Father’s love.

The missional church is an assembly of Christ’s follower’s that understands that they must penetrate the culture with their presence. Jesus did not retreat from culture, but penetrated it. He was out among the people, going to their parties and reaching out to them in love. Christ socialized with people of whom the religious leaders of his day would have nothing to do with.

The missional church sees its mission as the same as the Lord’s. Christians should be spiritually distinct from the world, but we are not called to be socially segregated from it. God wants us to be a living Christ-like influence in this world.

Jesus drew close to us and the missional church seeks to draw close to those who do not know Him. This is what it means to be incarnational; in the world but not of the world! The world is not something that the missional church seeks to be isolated from or to shun. The world is a place we engage and penetrate as missionaries spreading the love of Jesus.”

Timothy Cowin


2 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. I would agree completely but have recently come in contact with pastors who will not work in the world. I live in a small town in a very frontier vs rural place in the USA.
    If the pastors and christians don’t care for the sick, hungery, cold, lost, etc who will do it. we do not have a large chaplain core of social workers and soup kitchens, we have people and they need to step up to the plate and out into the world and be Christ to the masses.
    that soap box spent I was appalled recently when my nephew helped his dad, my brother get bail money. when he went to the church he is a member of and has been for a long time. A church he has helped with at every level including tithing, he was not allowed in because of trying to help his dad.
    God I am angry at them.

  2. Wayne,
    It sounds like a difficult situation. I don’t have any easy answers. The only thing I know is that being missional happens one person at a time, beginning with me.

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