Sunday Revival

Is The Shack Heresy? A thorough explanation by Wayne Jacobsen addressing the issues raised by those who denounce the book as heresy.

Tia Lynn is just starting a series on biblical perspectives on gender issues. It looks like she has done her homework. I will be following along. The first post is Where Do Women Belong? She has already written several interesting entries for this series with many more to come.

Don’t miss the posts written for International Women’s Day.

Amber wrote about Teaching Young Children About the Kingdom of God.

Julie considers the spiritual concepts that are communicated in christian children’s literature and music.

To label or not to label….

Jonathan asked, “Why are we so afraid of God doing something new in our midst?”

Brad said, “there are lots of people who didn’t seek to “join” emergence or to “become emergent.” One day, they simply realized they already “were” emerging because their thinking processes were already different from the standard paradigms of the past.”

Barb posted about moving forward without a label, category or box in Come to Our Missional, Emergent, Post Charismatic, Bible, Barbeque, Worship Center.

In The Purposeless Driven Life? Erin said, “spiritual labels don’t work.”

Barna has new categories for church leavers –


Looks like I am an intermittent blender. :)

In response to this comment, a cheeky group of bloggers have adopted the junk drawer as a label and incorporated it into their bylines:

  • Heather – A Deconstructed Christian…life in the junk drawer
  • Erin -Wondering and Wandering But Never Lost (in the junk drawer)
  • Brother Maynard – Be There
  • Pam – Essays of discovery and disillusionment from the junk drawer of Faith
  • Makeesha – Firmly rooted in the junk drawer, stretching my branches up and out. (can I be the cellophane wrapped plastic spork?)
  • Mike – a voice from the corner of the Junk Drawer
  • David – thoughts and artings from the junk drawer

And Makeesha came up with a creative alternative for my byline –
“…in the junk drawer as it is in the china cabinet.”


10 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. Sonja,
    I was just thinking, I hope you’re not that cracked in the middle birthday candle. (But we’ll keep you in the junk drawer even if you are.)

  2. Hmm. Looking at Mr. Barna’s categories, it appears once again that I find myself in an unrecognized category: those who do not attend a conventional church or house church, but are not exactly unattached because we do get together regularly with other disciples to participate in “processing life” by using biblical principles and spiritual discernment.

    While my preferred approach does not have all the usual activities of a conventional worship service found in either a conventional or unconventional setting, it still does cover the functions of worshipping together, mutual discipleship, and many of those participatory “one anotherings” that rarely find their way into a conventional worship service performance. Go figure … eh?

    Sometimes it’s annoying that I consistently do not fit into The Usual Taxonomies. But then, I’m reminded of a quote from a favorite philosopher – okay, so it was Dana Carvey – “To label me is to ignore me.” Let each be the kind of disciple and church (non-)goer he/she wishes to be AND is willing to endure the inevitable consequences thereof. So, I guess instead of being a wine bottle without a label, I’d like to think of myself and my kind more as flexible, new-vintage wineskins without the same old patches. And we’ll have to find out along the way the inherent vulnerabilities of our chosen approach …

  3. Brad,
    Nice to meet you. Looking at Barna’s choices, he really only offers 2 options, conventional church and house church, with variations in attendance.

    I think that we will continue to see more and more approaches that no longer fall into one of these two categories.

    Once random, undefined, and spontaneous is a category, we will have a label that probably fits many more people. ;)

  4. Hello Grace, good to virtuicially meet you as well! And thanks for the linkage.

    Re: Barna and labels and such, wouldn’t it be wonderful if those who did research could perhaps not go for the easy categorizations based on methodological model and instead look at what’s underneath. Ah well … part of the reason I’m trying to do just that and go beyond models is because I don’t see anyone else seeming to do it, and because I can. We’ll have to see if it turns out more or less helpful …

    Meanwhile, a relevant quote from Vincent van Gogh: “Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination; do not become the slave of your model.”

    Amen to that!

  5. I have claimed the status as the 25 year old “Old Timer” pocket knife in which the edge wore off like 24 years and 11 months ago :D

  6. It’s so funny how the junk drawer thing has spread. :-D Oh how I love bloggers. I love that everybody has put their own personal touch to the statement.

  7. Brad,
    I think that it will soon be necessary to go beyond the easy categorizations simply due to the fact that so many fall outside the lines.

    Mike and Heather,
    Bloggers are an infinitely creative bunch! :)

    I have a feeling that you would enjoy The Shack. Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy the story, the depiction of the character and nature of God is worth the read. It is especially impacting for those who need a revelation or reminder of the depths of His love.

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