Missional Monday

A few thoughts from Deb Hirsch from the CMA Organic Movements Conference.

7 Obstacles to Engaging in Mission:

1. Distorted view of Jesus

I fear that a lot of Christians are not seeing Him clearly. We see Him in our own image. We try to tame Him or domesticate Him. But when we follow a sanitized, cleaned up Jesus, then we become like that: tame and sanitized.

2. Distorted views of self

The foundational identity that we need to live out is that we are disciples. Churches are full of Christians, but there are not a lot of disciples. Christians believe, but disciples follow.

3. Distorted views of others

We need a paradigm shift from focusing on people’s negative behavior. The primary truth is that people are created in the image of God. When we look at other people, we recognize that this person, no matter who it is, in some way reflects my God.

4. Distorted views of love

Romantic notions of love do not cut it in the mission field. It’s “fun” to get out there and have a romantic notion of the being out there. But real sacrificial love is what is needed to sustain mission. “To know love one must know pain.”

5. Distorted views of the world

Where you stand determines what you see. Too many of us keep ourselves cocooned in our safe lives and houses. How can we respond to the needs of the world if we are not out looking for them. To understand the pain of a city, you have to go to where the pain is. We have to move out beyond where we are to see the pain.

6. Distorted views about money, consumption, and status

We have also been seduced by consumerism– the alternative religion of our day. Sociologists say consumerism has become the “new religion.” This is the greatest competitor to Christianity, yet we don’t see it because we live amongst it.

7. Distorted views of the family

We have become captive to the construct of the nuclear family as the ideal family structure. We have set this up as an idol. This is not a biblical notion of family. The biblical notion of family is very inclusive– households– many, many uncles, brothers, sisters, parents. The kingdom is a big inclusive family.

(ht Roger Thorman at Simple Church Journal)


7 thoughts on “Missional Monday

  1. Great points all, with much to consider. If I were to add anything it might be “Distorted view of Creation” which is links to our consumptive culture, our dichotomized view of the spiritual/natural, etc.



  2. Good point Jamie.
    I think that I would add distorted views of the gospel and salvation which also links to several of the 7 points.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, Grace. If you ever get the chance to hear Deb in person, please do. She is a fabulous sister and speaker. Alan calls her his hero. 8)

  4. Liked all I read here and would add that yesterday in a discussion it was said that one person there should come join us at the church. I for one believe that he is a brother in Christ whether he ever comes into the building or not. That is just another example of our family, it is exteneded but not outside the building walls.
    I also asked him what he saw when he looked inside the building from outside. His response was the the windows are stained glass and he could not see in.
    Wonder what that says about us????

  5. Good stuff!

    I just did a review of Surprised by Hope since I finished reading it (finally)…front of mind –
    1. Distortions on heaven
    2. Distortions on hope
    3. Distortions on the second coming


  6. Peggy,
    I would love to hear Deb or Alan in person.

    True, the family is much bigger than those who meet in our building.

    Great additions.
    I’m sorry I missed the review copies of that book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  7. 8. Failure to raise up evangelists

    We did very little outreach until these two people came into our lives. The job of the evangelist is to equip the saints to do the work of evangelism…..

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