Sunday Revival

Posts worth a second look or a first look if you haven’t seen them yet.

Thoughts on church

In her post New Wine – With No Place to Go, Susan describes the inability of existing churches to release and empower young leaders.

“The fact remains that the movement of God’s Spirit in up-and-coming-leadership is very often at “odds” with the existing ethos and modus operandi of the local church.”

Scott muses about whether churches are actually connecting in their communities.

“What if we left our comfortable pews behind permanently and asked to be let back on the playing field?”
“What would that look like?”

A great post from Glenn about needed changes in the way discipleship is viewed and practiced.

Who’s in and out?

I appreciated Ron’s perspective on Patton’s question, Orthodoxy: Should We Decide Who’s In and Out?:

Orthodoxy, yes we need it, we need anchor points into which to tie our faith into…but to the point of separation, exclusion…those in and those out. I’m not so sure.”

Like Ron, Pete Rollins views orthodoxy as “the knowledge of a transforming relationship with the source of all love.” (ht internetmonk)

Thoughts on social justice

Sarah puts the focus on obedience with an encouragement to just start somewhere.

Missional in the Burbs

Jonathan’s post reminds us not to forget our suburban neighbors in our missional intention.

Jamie has an open poll at his blog about Relocation for Missional Community. There is already a good discussion in the comments about missional living in the suburbs.

Very interesting!

Reflections by Greg Boyd from a public debate between himself, Shane Claiborne, and Chuck Colson. Interesting views from all three about participation by Christians in politics and government.

Living vicariously…

…through Bob at the National Pastors’ Convention.

…and Jonathan at the New Conspirators’ Conference.

Not Just Accordion Players

If you still have a little time on your hands…

Brant upped the challenge from 30 to 100 times for the month.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. Hi, Grace.
    I got to hear Greg Boyd do his breakout session of the two kingdoms. He was so compelling about keeping the kingdom of God distinct from the kingdoms of this world which BTW America is one.

    I, too, liked Susan’s musings over at Philosophical Pastor.

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