Sunday Revival

A review of some of the favorite links I ran across this week…

Post of the Week:

…goes to Jonathan Brink’s post, The Assumption of Participation. He expands the idea of participation beyond just “the meeting” to participation in God’s mission. Jonathan explains how our structures have actually prevented the kind of formation and discipleship that leads to participation in mission and have instead created a culture of complacency.

David Fitch’s post hits some of the same chords explaining how evangelical methods of salvation have not led to discipleship.

Highly Recommended:

This two part video interview of Graham Cooke is full of treasures to pull out, ponder and quote. Here are the links to Part 1 (28 min) and Part 2 (33 min). Part 2 was my favorite, but they are both worth a look. There are also audio links available. (ht Br.Maynard)

“I don’t think churches can stand to have 52 life-changing messages a year and no one’s life changes.”

“What are we doing?”

“People are learning how to become hearers, not doers.”

Spiritual Formation:

Robbymac’s post reminds us that the kingdom starts at the innermost parts and works its way outward.

Shawn Anthony talks about the necessity of the daily reality of the presence of the Spirit for real transformation.

Len describes how spending time in God’s presence forms and transforms us in a way that is necessary if we are to be vessels of His presence.

About the Church:

Quotes by Eugene Peterson (ht Internet Monk) :

  • “the church we want is the enemy of the church we have.”
  • “the church in America has become an abomination of desolation.”

(looks like Viola isn’t the only one given to extreme statements)

Speaking of…

An intelligent and thoughtful post from Dan Kimball about Pagan Christianity. Interview to follow in Part 2.

Recent statistics from Barna about Americans embracing alternatives to conventional church. (ht Brad Brisco)

A rant by Nathan Gann about the Barna article entitled, “You Pooped in the Refrigerator?”:

“Wait are you telling me that pastors who make over 75 K a year don’t really support house churches. Shut up!”

This from Dan’s post, The Myth of Leaderless Church:

“Hey, I’m all for not having to tell anyone what to do. That would be great. But…. What freakin’ planet do you live on?!?”

Another great post to read about leadership by Kathy Escobar from The Refuge.

Series to Follow:

Brother Maynard called it a vocabulary review, but for some it may have been more like a nightmarish flashback.

This leads into an ongoing series he is doing on apostolic ministry. Be sure to catch up and follow along.

Jeremy Bouma also just started a Missional Monday series based on Luke 5.

Jamie is doing a series unpacking the Missional Learning Disabilities.

While you are there, take a minute to read about the possibility of Adopting a Pixel in order to help Jamie and Kim in their process of adoption.


Conversations to Watch is a new feature in my sidebar. It is an up-to-date, always-changing eclectic list of the top 5 posts that are on my radar at the moment. If you are looking for something interesting or worthwhile to read, I suggest glancing at the list whenever you stop by here. I hope this becomes a feature you will enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. hey grace, yeah, thanks for the link & i am so glad i revisited your blog. i remember reading it a lot in early ’06 when i was battered and bloody from my mega-church experience. i remember feeling a lot less alone. anyway, i look forward to reading again and maybe actually being in a place where i can participate in the conversation this time around. i appreciate the weekly list and the conversations to watch, too. for those of us who need cliff notes, it really helps! best to you on your journey….

  2. Grace,
    Thank you for the links. Just one comment, the quotes from Peterson are from his book, “The Jesus Way” and taken out of context I’m not sure he would be in agreement with “Pagan Christianity” thanks for you blog, I enjoy your graciousness to all :)

  3. Brad and Jonathan,
    You are welcome!

    I wasn’t aware that you had a difficult church experience. I added your blog to my reader a month or two ago, and I appreciate your contribution to the conversation.

    Hi Rose,
    Internet Monk quoted them as snippets from a talk Peterson gave last week. I didn’t mean to imply that he agrees with Viola, just that, as you said, extreme statements standing alone can be widely interpreted or misinterpreted. Thanks for stopping by.

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