Twilight Zone

So I had this dream last night…

We went out to dinner with some old friends from out of town. Dinner was a little awkward because I got stuck on the end, and no one bothered talking to me. But that’s okay, the chips and salsa were good.

Then the friends announced that they wanted to come over to our house to pray, so we were like, “sure, okay.”

Next thing I know, we are in our living room and our friend is praying…

“Lord, I just call forth a pastor for this community, a strong man who will lead with authority, a man with the charisma to draw a crowd and to cause the people to ascend to a life of faith, a man who won’t bow to the whims of the people or compromise his vision.”

It was longer, but that is all I can remember.

“Lord, a week ago you told me to stand in this living room and pray this into existence. I’ve done my part, now you do yours.”

Oh wait, it wasn’t a dream. My life is so weird.


19 thoughts on “Twilight Zone

  1. Yes freaking way! I had to keep nudging myself to make sure I was really there.

    And I left out some of the best parts – like the handgun, the amplified bible, and the pastor’s jet.

    It was interesting that in the several hours we were together before they prayed, the conversation never turned to what we or other believers who actually live here might see as a need in the community or what God might be speaking to us.

    But dagnabit, the guy got his praying done!

  2. “…a man with the charisma to draw a crowd …”

    That’s my favorite part:)
    We just don’t have enough of those yet. Do you think he… gee I dunno, was talking about himself …maybe?

    hey, Im hearing a song in my head,
    a variation of an old favorite…
    ‘…it’s all about meeeeeeeee
    I think we should do things my way…

    I think it’s in the key of G

  3. If this were posted anywhere else I would just have to believe it was a joke! But, no joke! WOW! Bet you were tempted to pour some clorox on your home to clean it out after that! :-)

    A man with charisma?! I just cannot get over that. How did you keep from laughing out loud??! I’m gonna send this post to about a dozen friends–it is simply too wild not to share!

  4. Nooooooooo …

    A handgun?

    A jet?

    This was for freaking REAL??!?!?!?!?!

    These were real live people?

    That you know? Actually know?

    I’m still … ah … what’s the kindest way to say this? … dumbfounded.

  5. That is so weird! I was just thinking last night that I wish there was a community in need of a pastor like me where I could cast my vision (would you sign my cast please) and everybody would like me, and…… Oh wait, I guess I WAS dreaming, while sitting through another board meeting. :)

  6. Surreal and dumbfounded are appropriate words.

    It was an interesting experience in that “the other” at my table was someone with a strong agenda to which we became the silent targets.

    Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they are so convinced that their style of church and pastor is what everyone should have, they have presumed that to be God’s will for us and this area.

    Sonja, these are old friends that don’t have a clue that they don’t know us.

    Danno, this was a little like a bored meeting. ;)

    After getting over my shock (WTF, hell no, we don’t need a WOF pastor!) I felt kind of guilty knowing I wasn’t “in agreement” with the praying.

    The thing I could agree with is for God’s continuing work in this area.

    (Sorry for the swearing. That was for you Sonja, plus I liked the juxtaposition of WTF with WOF. I’ll probably have to edit it later.)

  7. I kept waiting for the part when they used their travel container of anointing oil. LOL.

    I love those prayers when they say “Lord” or “Father God” like every 30 seconds. You know Jesus taught us to pray by starting every sentence with those phrases.

    Good times.


  8. You guys are too funny.

    My husband almost fell out of his chair laughing when he read everyone’s comments on this thread.

    We’d have really big problems if that had been my husband’s prayer.

    I edited the fuzzy part.

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