Sunday Revival

This will be my attempt at a weekly sharing and review of some of the interesting things that I’ve come across in my blog reading during the week.

I enjoy these lists on a few other blogs. In particular Scot McKnight’s Weekly Meandering and Brother Maynard’s Random Linkage are a routine with my Saturday morning coffee. By doing this on Sunday, I hope to avoid duplicating their links, except for those items that are worthy of multiple mentions.

The runner-up title for this weekly post was “I Get Around” – which is true. It seems wasteful to read and lose track of the many posts that I run across in a week. In an attempt to stop the sieve-like flow of information through my brain, I hope to draw attention to a few items that deserve a second look.

In Process

This post by Ron about “church as the hub of the hood” is an idea that definitely deserves more thought and discussion.

Scott B. talks about how isolation has become the norm in our neighborhoods.

Over the past several weeks, Hamo had some interesting posts about hospitality and community in our neighborhoods. As he shared about the book God Next Door, there were interesting discussions in his comment section wrestling with the reality of living out hospitality in neighborhoods that are becoming increasingly private.


Jamie put together a list of Learning Disabilities and the Missional Church.

Mary at One Thing Is Needed takes a look at unity and how we view the body of Christ.

Erika Haub has a guest post, A Bottomless Pit of Desires, on Jason Clark’s blog in which she challenged the tendency to mistakenly elevate inflated desires and personal fulfillment to the level of need.


Darryl Dash covered the topic of forgiveness and the related idea of reconciliation quite thoroughly at his blog this week. Lots of helpful information, including one of my favorite quotes from Volf,

“Forgiveness flounders because I exclude the enemy from the community of humans even as I exclude myself from the community of sinners.”

Recently at dinner, I read the Time interview with NT Wright discussing heaven to my kids. It provoked an interesting discussion about heaven, hell, rapture, eternity, resurrection, and new creation – a worthwhile discussion to be having with our teens.


The next blog thing I want to read to my kids is Brant Hansen’s post about Kumar.

My friend Pam Hogeweide is editor of the February issue of PDL exploring the theme, The Power of An Ordinary Life. Be sure to check it out.


Brother Maynard takes on Frank Viola in three parts.


Apparently Ingrid has stirred up enough trouble to cause the cancellation of Shane Claiborne as speaker at Cedarville University. As an alumn, Jeremy discusses the issue and provides links for further reading, including a link to Shane’s response.

Most of you probably already saw the video clip declaring that real men should “pisseth against the wall.” Except this passage actually says that God is going to smite them. Plenty of women would like to smite men and boys that pisseth against the wall. Perhaps proof that God is a woman?

On a related note, in this article Joel Stein discusses the pros and cons of installing a urinal in his home and presents an interesting argument for a man’s right to stand up. (ht Holly and Wess)

“Basically, what I learned is that women have vastly overestimated the precision of peeing into a toilet bowl while standing up.”


Often I have Pandora running in the background while I am reading.

A few recommendations for an interesting mix – Corinne Bailey Rae, Chris Tomlin, Todd Agnew, The Katinas, Delirious…

My new favorite this week, James Blunt.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Revival

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I didn’t think many people had read that post. I had a few other posts planned on that line, but since there was virtually no response, I gave up on the idea.

    I love the way you are interacting with your link recommendations. Very helpful.


  2. “Ingrid has stirred up enough trouble to cause the cancellation of Shane Claiborne as speaker at Cedarville University. ”

    O please. There were plenty of people involved well beyond “rogue” websites as Shane so lovingly called ministries such as mine.

  3. Grace- I had a hard time believing that the pastor in the video was for real. You have to wonder if he looked at the video and realized that he made himself out to be a complete dumb a$#.

  4. I mistakenly posted this on your previous post. My apologies.

    I am half way through N. T. Wright’s “Surprised by Hope”. It is now in my top five books ever read, no matter how the rest of the book goes.

    He articulates the most scripturally sound, holistic view of heaven, hell, salvation, etc. that I have ever read. Then he translates it into what that means for the mission of those who follow Jesus prior to His appearance.

    I highly recommend this book even if you ultimately do not agree with him. To spark your curiousity he says heaven is a temporary place for those who have died until Jesus’ appearance again. After which, we will be resurrected and given our new bodies then God will merge heaven and earth into his new creation where we will all live in our resurrected bodies in God’s presence. We will not sit on clouds playing harps but we will be co-rulers of God’s new creation just as we were the rulers of creation before the fall. By the way, no rapture…..

  5. Jamie,
    It was a great post, with a lot of potential discussion in each of the points you addressed.

    You are right. I am aware that the situation is more complex than my intro to the link explained.

    Hi Nancy,
    Nice to meet you.

    I’m fairly sure he is proud of his performance.
    Cute pic!

    Thank you for the recommendation. I think it’s worth having on here twice. :)

    It sounds like a book worth having. I’m just so glad to have a theologian affirming my “heretical” beliefs about eternity and the kingdom. Maybe I can now come out of the closet about not embracing the whole Left Behind rapture mania.

    It was a good post. I also enjoyed your post on inclusivism.

  6. Thanks for the link and for pointing me to some great places for thinking. I wish my kids were old enough to read Brant’s post. Maybe I’ll save it for them.

  7. thanks for the shout out grace.

    and i am addicted to pandora, often listening when i blog and write. i’d love to get it piped into the rest of the house eventually, specifically the kitchen and living area where i spend most of my time managing my household and hanging out.

    btw, tonight erin and i will be hanging out with bill dahl, creator and editor of PDL. He’s in town for a few days so we’re gonna get some face time with him. He’s such a great guy, even more generous in real life than he comes across in the virtual one.

    Oh, and today, I got a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, from John Perkins. I will most definitely be blogging about that soon!

  8. Grace, you are not alone in leaving behaind the Left Behind books. I have been out of the closet for some time on this. Gets lots of conversations going and unfortunately makes far too many people angry.

    Now that you are out be careful. :-)

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