The Conversation Continues…

As this conversation about ministry circles to a conclusion, of course it really doesn’t end. One of the good qualities of the emerging/missional conversation is a deeper understanding of incarnational life, kingdom perspective, and redemptive love. This understanding challenges the religious concepts of dualism.

A few links I wanted to point out where the conversation continues…

Alan Knox discusses Brother Lawrence and how the presence of God affects our lives and the lives around us.

Sarah contributed some awesome thoughts to the discussion, and at her blog she expands on the idea of ministry as presence.

Inheritor, who always has insightful comments, shared a short devotion on his blog about being co-workers with God and developing eyes to see His work all around us.


2 thoughts on “The Conversation Continues…

  1. I am half way through N. T. Wright’s “Surprised by Hope”. It is now in my top five books ever read, no matter how the rest of the book goes.

    He articulates the most scripturally sound, holistic view of heaven, hell, salvation, etc. that I have ever read. Then he translates it into what that means for the mission of those who follow Jesus prior to His appearance.

    I highly recommend this book even if you ultimately do not agree with him. To spark your curiousity he says heaven is a temporary place for those who have died until Jesus’ appearance again. After which, we will be resurrected and given our new bodies then God will merge heaven and earth into his new creation where we will all live in our resurrected bodies in God’s presence. We will not sit on clouds playing harps but we will be co-rulers of God’s new creation just as we were the rulers of creation before the fall. By the way, no rapture…..

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