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I apologize that my previous post was perceived as a personal attack of a particular blog. My intent was to present the quote as an example of an attitude. I admit that I underestimated the powers of google, but I trust that none of you who discovered the blog will bother the blog owner.

He happens to be pursuing a very narrow focus of study with a few local friends and is fully in his right to do so on a public blog. It was never my intent to engage him in a dialog or debate in order to persuade him to change his beliefs.

My post wasn’t about his blog, but rather about a specific attitude. I am sure that if I were to search, I could come up with hundreds of similar quotes from other blogs. That isn’t really my mission in life or blogging. This particular quote just landed in my lap, so to speak, and caught me by surprise. So of course, I had to share the joy with all of you.

I am not offended with this particular blogger. He has a right to his beliefs. I rarely choose to confront these attitudes when I see them. Most of the exchanges that I have seen like that on blogs are frustrating and unfruitful. I am not willing to engage in that manner with strangers over the internet.

That said, I find this particular theology/belief/attitude offensive. Based on my personal beliefs and conclusions, it is false, damaging, and contrary to the values of the kingdom. To be honest, I do not think there is a thing wrong with me saying so on my blog.

Maybe the “sisters” should just shrug it off. In a way we do, using a little humor and sarcasm to deflect the barb. To be honest, I am surprised that some people would be more offended at the sarcastic responses than at the completely diminishing nature of the quote.

So when does this apply?

“Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” Matthew 7:3

Personally, I have seen it used way too often in Christian circles to silence people. I would be at the front of the line of imperfect people. If perfection is the standard required for me to express an opinion, then I would have to shut the blog down immediately.

While I rarely engage in debates on my blog or others, I will use my blog as a forum to express my point of view. I have tried to maintain an atmosphere that is inclusive and receptive to opposing viewpoints as long as they are presented in a respectful tone.


7 thoughts on “Blogs and Logs

  1. I think the distinction in how to deal with an issue is to call “out the ideas” and voice your opinion. I don’t see a problem with that, as you did in this last post.

    There is a difference between addressing the ideas and attacking the person. We all need to be careful with the latter.

  2. I think you do an excellent job of stating your viewpoint without attacking any individuals. Some people have a hard time separating themselves from their opinions. That’s not a problem you can, or should, solve.

  3. I agree that sticking to ideas is best. Some topics are more volatile than others.

    Re-reading this post after dinner, I felt I should clarify that I am not upset, and this post is n0t pointed at anyone. Rather than responding to the entire thread, I chose to post a few of my thoughts about dealing with touchier topics like this.

    I enjoyed reading the comments of the previous thread, and as always, the people who comment here presented their views intelligently and with consideration. I think you all do a great job of carrying on lively discussions.

  4. Grace you do a great job of making you blog “inclusive and receptive.” Sometimes posts just take on a life of their own. Keep up the good blogging!

  5. While I agree that posts should be about ideas, when one quotes from a nut-job, it helps to recognize that fact so that context is added. Here is another quote from that guy. I found his blog, not through google, but through Brant’s blog. The person in question had been a regular commenter and the quote you posted had a certain ring to it.

    Disclaimer: Just remember, when you get busted by the IRS, that I’m not endorsing the quote below… Don’t blame me.

    “Indeed. These things pointed over a decade ago, to such trends as the ‘Tax Honesty Movement’. Who could know in 1997 that there would be 67 million non-filers in America? More importantly, who could know that tens of millions would ‘suddenly’ learn enough of the Tax Code, and of taxation history, to see through the corrupt U.S. Congress’ check-skimming scam?

    Without the organic operation of the Internet, this rapidly growing de-funding of the D.C. al-Qaeda would have been impossible.

    What does this mean to Christians? For one thing, it means that another false god is fallen to the ground, and can’t get up. Not only is the goverment-run school campus now just a hulking relic in the minds of home-schooling families…

    Now the lawless redistributionist State is also a dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus!) without teeth. For the past 9 years, like 67 million others, the IRS has ceased to terrorise me. I read a little of the law and history, and I follow Tax Honesty. The witch is dead. Congress is busted. My family is free, for almost a decade now.

    And yes, my family also sees the institutional Church in all its thousands of sects and flavors…careening head-first right behind it into the same tar pit.”

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