Wrapping Up the Year

After weeks of suspense and drama, my blog has been added to The Daily Scribe, “a growing compendium of exceptional Christian expression.”

I am not too proud to admit that I was likely accepted on the coattails of my gifted friends, Sonja, Brother Maynard, Makeesha, Bob, and Julie.

However, now that I’ve arrived I’ve been accepted, I look forward to getting to know this new group of deep thinkers and talented writers. It is nice to meet those of you who have already stopped by.

I will be away from the blog for a few more days while we travel to finish celebrating the holidays with our families. I will be leaving the laptop at home (along with my right arm). Assuming I survive, I will return next year.

Stuff in the works:

Another post about leadership is pretty much written and ready to post.

2 book reviews that I would like to get posted soon, one book that I am struggling through and another that I really like.

A couple of books that I would like to blog through more extensively with a series of posts. I am always hesitant to start a blog series because I usually develop mid-series ADD, but we’ll see.

I would like to do some early spring cleaning of my clip-blog file and my draft posts. Many of the posts that are saved in there have something to do with how we do church together, and I saved them because of concepts or ideas that I wanted to remember or explore.

When I switched to wordpress, I lost some of the links from my blogroll. Most of you that comment here end up in my blogreader, but if your name is missing from the blogroll, take a minute to let me know, and I will be updating it for the new year.

And I am debating about whether to share my secret fantasy…

Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Year

  1. Thanks Sonja! I’m glad for this opportunity to further “the sisterhood.” ;)

    My hesitancy is that sometimes the things I enjoy mulling over seem silly once I try to describe them to others.

    I recently told someone that I would choose a double americano over a piece of chocolate any day. Seems my preference is for something with a bit of a jolt or bite rather than something sweet. Go figure.

    It looks like you have a great blog, and I’ve added you to my reader. I don’t believe that the daily scribe accepts group or multiple author blogs. I’m brand-spanking new there, so you might want to communicate with the site administrators.

  2. Cool! I know what to bring as a “please don’t lock your door” gift: a pound of espresso beans!

    Hey, congrats on your Daily Scribe recognition. You truly deserve it.

    Will you still talk to us little people? If we bring double americano’s, maybe with a tiny shot of caramel added (brings out the creme of the espresso shots)? :)

  3. suck up, Robby;-)
    how ’bout a double americano with some chocolate, YUM!
    Grace, don’t worry, we wont laugh at a silly post!

  4. Hmmm….”secret fantasy”…lives in Colorado…chocolate….whole bean coffee….

    I suspect it is related to wanting to live in the reality that most Canadians enjoy….


    LOL! Tom

  5. Robby,
    I’m just glad all of my published friends still talk to me. ;) When are you dropping by?

    Some friends just introduced me to my newest indulgence, Starbucks liquer. I’m just trying to decide if it’s appropriate in my morning coffee.

    Tom and Sonja,
    I’ve not had Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts. Around here, it’s either Starbucks or the local shops.

    LOL, no my dream is to continue to be able to reach and see my toenails.

    Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and the others. It looks like the dialogue might get interesting. I appreciated your input in the latest dust-up.

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