Like, right on man!

This seems to fit the theme of this week, of following the leading of the Spirit in recognizing opportunities to love and to serve.

So let’s start at step one. Ask God to reveal his heart to you. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to serve, keep works in mind, and maybe even keep serving wherever you may be, but make the love of God, his will, and his desires the center.

Just like, ask the great spirit to guide you, and like whatever, and then you’ll be like “Whoah,” and others will be like, “right on man.”

(Ed C. – In a Mirror Dimly)


2 thoughts on “Like, right on man!

  1. Wowah, thats some good stuff there (said in a wacked out tone) :-)

    – seriously thats cool, I did not comment on the last blog becuase I had some serious thinking to do. But I think thats the centre, to intentionally be walking through life day to day, moment by moment with God. Now the difficulty is how to get to that point becuase I’m no where close to that. I find it hard to read my bible, pray and listen to God all the time! And when I do pray and read the bible it can be out of guilt or religosity. How do we make this a reality?

  2. Nathanael,
    How do I make this a reality? Let me share some of my thoughts, even though I don’t claim that they are the one true answer for everyone.

    I trust in God’s love for me and His ability to form and transform me. I understand that within myself I have nothing of worth to offer, therefore I come to Him in weakness and dependence on His grace for me.

    When I feel the pull to do things out of guilt and religiosity, I usually intentionally set those things aside until I can pursue them without stepping onto the treadmill of performance.

    Rather than working at walking with God, I view it as learning to become more aware of His constant presence and tuning in to Him. It isn’t about what I do to invoke His presence, but rather learning to recognize Him as already here.

    Groovy, huh? ;)

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