Don’t Wait!

Find out what God wants to do today
and get in on it!



6 thoughts on “Don’t Wait!

  1. Just been speaking to some young adults about knowing what God is doing in their generation and giving themselves to that, rather than just maintaining what they have inherited from the previous generation – as e.g. King David, “who served the purpose of God in his generation, and fell asleep”. What a wonderful epitaph!

    You have made an even more immediate, but so necessary application, as that’s what Jesus did – what he saw his heavenly Father doing.

    Resonates with me.

  2. I don’t know that I’ve been able to track God down with the certainty that I see in some posts. It’s to easy to project your own illusions and assumptions into the realm of certainty. I have to say honestly I haven’t a clue what God is up to except as I sift events through the prism of what Jesus did. Events don’t always come with an interpretation that nails everything down. I’m really put off by the assumption that everything is a God-thing because I announce that it is — critique over.

  3. Larry,
    I agree that we can’t necessarily put a God-spin on every thought we have and everything that we do. I do however believe that we can hear His voice and simply obey in the things that we hear.

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