Books by Friends

I took care of a little shopping today by purchasing a couple of books for myself.

The first is an advent book by Brother Maynard, That You Might Believe.

This book is available to purchase through Lulu as a hardcopy or through Brother Maynard as a PDF or hardcopy. If you purchase a hardcopy, he will provide you the PDF link so that you can begin reading the advent entries until your copy arrives.

Brother Maynard has also put together an Advent group blog for those interested in participating. This is an open invitation, so just let him know if you are interested in joining in. With a little hesitancy, I have added my name to the group blog list.

However, I must confess…ssshhhhhhh…I am an advent virgin. Never, in my fairly long life, have I participated in advent.

I have been around it some and heard of it. I remember things about wreaths and purple candles and white candles and pop-up calendars and yada, yada, yada.

For some reason the same inability to hear that I experience when people talk about sports also kicks in when I hear about anything advent related. My brain disengages and the words just skip right on by. Until now, advent has had no personal meaning to me.

I respect Brother Maynard and I enjoy Scripture, especially John, so this seems like a good opportunity to at least attempt to understand advent. I will be blogging what it is like through the eyes of someone who has never participated in advent before.


The other book I ordered today is Out of Print:A Novel by John Frye. The link will take you to the web page where you can order this book.

I’ve wanted this book since I first heard about it. I have always loved John’s perspective and the wisdom in his words, especially the creative way in which he expresses himself and his ability to bring vivid clarity to deep insights and thoughts.

You could wait until I review the book and tell you how wonderful it is, or you could just go ahead and treat yourself to a little Christmas gift, sure to both please and inspire you.


4 thoughts on “Books by Friends

  1. I look forward to reading your posts. Last time are family participated in Advent by reading “A Glorious Coming” by Ann Voskamp (also at Lulu) and made the ornaments that went with it to hang on a Jesse Tree. It was very meaningful. This year we are adding a giving aspect to it for the kids… maybe we should do it the giving aspect for us! (5C for every pair of jeans you own, 25C for every hot water tap in your house, etc.)

    Enjoy – as I am sure you will.

  2. reneegrace,
    Those sound like wonderful ideas and family times. The giving aspect, based on luxuries and things we might take for granted, is a really interesting slant. It would probably be a good exercise for all of us to take stock of all that we have available to share.

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