1.New Post 2.Publish

Thanks to everyone who posted on the previous thread. My hope was that as people stopped by over the weekend, they would encounter the words of those who responded to that post, describing what the kingdom of God means to them. It meant a lot to me to experience the life and power in the words and ideas that you shared.

Sometimes I press the “new post” button because I have so much to say. Other times, like today, I press “new post” and just hope something will happen.

We had a nice holiday (Thanksgiving in the US) weekend. Fairly quiet. I chose not to participate in the crazy Friday shopping, although I admit to perusing the ads, and I ordered a laser printer online. I am shopping for a laptop also, and I probably should have ordered one, but I am still undecided on what I want. Feel free to offer your advice.

I hurt my back again on Saturday which leaves me feeling vincible(?). Is that the opposite of invincible? When you have trouble putting your own jeans on, it kind of puts the whole, “what could I do with my life?” question into perspective. At the moment being able to take care of my family and home seems like an accomplishment.

I recently finished a couple of books. I highly recommend Uprising by Erwin McManus. Hopefully I can share a few thoughts from his book soon. I also read The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards over the weekend. I picked it up at our library on the used book table for $1. It was interesting.

Monday was one of those crazy days where I hit the ground running and didn’t quit until evening, payback for presuming to take a couple of days off.

Depending on the demands of the day, I am here at the blog off and on throughout the day or I only have the quiet moments in the morning before the craziness begins.

When I am not here much during the week, I try to catch up with reading and responding to blogs on the weekend. Today I have a few items of blog business to take care of, a meme and some referring links, so I will probably post several times. For now, it is time to press “publish.”


3 thoughts on “1.New Post 2.Publish

  1. Both books, UPRISING and DIVINE ROMANCE, served to change huge chunks of my life when I read them a few years ago. I’ll second your recommendations.

  2. Rick,
    It’s interesting to come across someone else who has read both of those books. They seem to be from entirely different realms, yet as you said, both impacting.

    Good to see you! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I’m still trying to get back in the groove, whatever that means.

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